About ILFC

Beginning with its first lease transaction in 1973, ILFC has continually evolved its leasing products to anticipate airline requirements, customer needs and changes in the aviation industry.

International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) is a global market leader in the leasing and remarketing of advanced technology commercial jet aircraft to commercial airlines. ILFC pioneered the aircraft leasing business and has maintained its leadership position for four decades offering its customers full-service advisory capabilities and invaluable knowledge of the global aircraft fleet.

With nearly 1,000 owned and managed aircraft and a range of innovative customized leasing programs, ILFC’s technologically advanced and environmentally efficient aircraft portfolio includes 787s and A350s.

ILFC is not only a financial intermediary between the manufacturers and airlines, but also a team of experienced professionals with in-market knowledge, a passion for aviation, and an unwavering commitment to building relationships that drive innovation, prosperity and understanding.

ILFC operates with a global network of approximately 200 airlines in more than 80 countries including major flag carriers, medium- and small-sized airlines and cargo carriers. ILFC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIG, a leading international insurance organization serving customers in more than 130 countries.

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Quick Facts
Founded: Key Figures: Office Locations: Employees: Industry Leader:
July 1973
Vital Role

2012 Revenue: $4.5B
2013 Lease
Aggregate Net
Book Value:
Investor Relations

Los Angeles, USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Beijing, China
Dublin, Ireland
Miami, USA
Seattle, USA
603 employees
Nearly 1,000 owned and managed aircraft
Approx. 330 new aircraft
Aircraft Portfolio
Approx. 200 airline partners in 80+ countries
Global Partners