Working at ILFC

When we search for professionals to join our ILFC team, we look for individuals who share a passion for aviation and eagerness to excel, and have an unwavering commitment to building global relationships that drive innovation, prosperity and understanding.

ILFC embraces the individuality of all our employees. We know that a mutually rewarding and inclusive environment, where all contributions are valued, is critical to ensuring ILFC's continued success. The strength of our collective expertise and the multicultural environment in which we work allow our teams to leverage those unique capabilities and experiences to advance our shared vision of being an industry leader.

Whatever your career goals may be, ILFC will provide you with opportunities to interface with our global customers and the most talented minds in the aviation industry. Your ILFC career will allow you to work in a variety of challenging occupations across ILFC's many departments, which include among others: Marketing, Finance, Technical, Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions, Human Resources, Information Technology and many more.

With opportunities available in virtually every area of our company's operations, the following examples of departments illustrate career tracks in the many facets of ILFC's aircraft leasing business:

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

The Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions team negotiates all the agreements to purchase new aircraft and engines, and manages contractual obligations for the duration of each purchase agreement. Portfolio management, which includes aircraft trading, fleet management and end-of-life analyses for aircraft and engine assets, is also integral responsibilities.


ILFC's Marketing Department leases used and new aircraft to airlines throughout the world; purchases aircraft from airlines for sale-leaseback transactions; sells aircraft from the ILFC fleet to other leasing companies, investors and airlines, and provides third-party fleet management and remarketing services to investors and owners of aircraft portfolios.


The Contracts Department liaises with customers and internal departments to facilitate the timely and compliant delivery, return, and sales of aircraft. The team handles multiple lessee accounts throughout the lifecycle of the transaction, coordinating with and advising on potential issues, opportunities and the need for commercial decisions.


The Legal Department is responsible for the drafting and negotiation of a wide array of contracts, including in particular aircraft leases, aircraft sale agreements, aircraft purchase agreements and maintenance agreements. In addition, the Legal Department advises the company on contractual matters, litigation and regulatory matters, securities law, aviation law, corporate governance and corporate law matters.


ILFC's Insurance Department supports the company's goals by minimizing the adverse effects of accidental losses to the company through risk identification, contractual risk transfer, and maintenance of the appropriate insurance coverages to mitigate those risks. Every aircraft in our portfolio is insured to the fullest extent possible.


The Materiel Management and Aircraft Specification Department is responsible for the negotiation and procurement of materiel requirements for new and used aircraft, as well as negotiating the cost for and defining the specification build of new aircraft. Working with airframe manufacturers, industry suppliers and airline customers the department manages the configuration process of new aircraft and has the responsibility to ensure all aircraft deliver on-time to customers. Responsibilities also include management of ILFC's excess inventory and consignment sales activities.


The Technical Department of ILFC interfaces directly with airlines, maintenance providers and regulatory authorities on all aircraft and engine-related technical issues. The department has the depth of knowledge to draft and negotiate technical lease provisions and to manage our fleet of aircraft from delivery of the physical aircraft, and its records, throughout the lease period and during the return process.

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