Leasing, Aircraft Sales and Services

ILFC provides advanced total aircraft fleet solutions to the aviation industry.

To optimize their aircraft fleet strategies, today’s airlines of all sizes are turning to leasing in addition to purchasing new aircraft directly. Our team of experienced professionals maximizes the strength of our collective expertise and global reach to address even the most unique fleet requirements. With more than 1,000 owned and managed aircraft, ILFC offers the most cost-effective and innovative leasing solutions that enable our airline partners to fully realize their profitability goals.

Operating Lease

As a full-service lessor, ILFC delivers a wide array of valuable services via the operating lease including fleet planning and rationalization, revenue and route analysis, product support programs and more. The ILFC teams develop, negotiate, execute and close complex transactions from traditional operating leases and fleet renewals to structured financings.

ILFC’s operating lease offers our airline partners access to the latest technology aircraft with these benefits:

  • Lease solutions customized to specific airline needs
  • Solutions that allow both acquisition and disposition of aircraft
  • Flexibility of short- and long-term leases with trade up and down options
  • Optimal delivery positions and easy lease extensions
  • Aircraft configuration and customization with adequate lead time
  • Competitive lease rates and maintenance reserves
  • Seasonally adjusted payment streams and stair-step lease structures
  • Multi-currency leases and creative purchase financing
  • Low security deposits vs. upfront progress payments on new aircraft purchases
  • Value-added solutions for spare engine leasing
  • Incorporation of reserves into engine manufacturer support programs
  • Favorably priced technical programs based on product support that equals or exceeds direct ownership
  • Industry expertise and financial strength
  • Global presence providing closer access to ILFC executives


ILFC provides strategic total aircraft fleet solutions to our customers by helping them to divest of older aircraft and streamline their fleets while addressing future growth. ILFC's manage-to-parts solutions maximize the value from the remaining life and ultimate disposition of the aircraft.

AeroTurbineThrough our wholly owned subsidiary, AeroTurbine, Inc., we provide the aviation industry with access to one of the world's largest pools of airframe and engine components, aircraft engines as well as comprehensive fleet management solutions. Visit AeroTurbine's website


ILFC’s portfolio management is a specialized, fee-based service provided to third party operating lessors and financial institutions. ILFC provides such services as leasing, re-leasing and marketing for their core assets so our customers can benefit from the financial and operational efficiencies of well-managed and productive aviation assets.


ILFC sells select aircraft to airlines, financial institutions, leasing companies and investors in order to improve the composition of its aircraft portfolio.