How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers in USA – 2024 Guide

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Dropshipping as a business is the newest craze among freelancers and independent online workers. It seems so easy in theory that anyone can do it and become quite successful and rich. Such kind of work rose in demand drastically over the last several years and is not a fast-emerging industry all over the world.

However, no matter how many people do it and from where one thing is very common. And that is the general demand for dropshipping suppliers in the USA. In the article beforehand, you will learn all about this industry, how best to succeed in it, and how to make sure your suppliers come from America. In case you want to know more about how to find dropshipping suppliers in the USA, make sure to check out this website.


Why USA Suppliers?

So why are these suppliers in such high demand and what makes their products so much better than others? Compared to most other companies who supply the goods, mostly from China, American companies are more serious and customer-friendly overall. Efficiency is the key factor in their business so customers and dropshippers naturally choose them over the competitors.

Shipping times and package security are at their highest when the country of origin and shipping is America. Most customers are used to fast deliveries nowadays and everyone knows it. Therefore, two-day shipping is the norm and unless the supplier can get close to it, you are far better with the one who can.

Next we have the product quality. It is generally a known fact that US suppliers make products of better quality especially when compared to the Chinese varieties. There are numerous Chinese products of high quality, but most of them are of questionable and poor quality at best. They use cheaper materials and have shorter lifespans. The something has the famous “American Made” or “Made in America” stamp, you know that a higher degree of quality and production was behind it.

Directly connected to the shipping times and quality level are the prices of goods the dropshippers can have. The goods cost more to produce and ship when compared to China and other countries, but you get to sell it for more as well. If you put enough emphasis on the fact they were made in the USA, you are able to increase your prices significantly and the customers will still flock since they know what that implies.

Last but not least, the international politics of America play a huge role in their dropshipping popularity. Everyone knows that the USA and China have their special relationship revolving about superiority on the world stage, especially in the economy game. China used to be looked at as a much poorer country meaning they offer certain advantages price-wise when you do business with them. However, since their economy grew rapidly in the last few decades, they are no longer qualify for many of these benefits. Soon, many will opt for America since they will no longer want to wait weeks for their supply from China that now costs largely the same as if it was sent from the States.

Source: ESAN

How to Find Them?

It is all about thorough and detailed research when choosing the best supplier for your dropshipping business even if you are choosing between several American options. The factors worth considering are quite a few so pay close attention to them in the next section.

1. Feedback and Trust

The first thing you have to do when looking for the best US-based supplier for dropshipping is to evaluate the feedback from people who already did business with them. Reviews and ratings should tell you enough especially the ones form popular sources like Yelp. If they collaborate with some big brands or if they are a part of an organization or association, chances are they are a worthy candidate for your business.

Source: Sell The Trend

2. Communication and Customer Support

It has been said before but we will say it again. There is no successful 21st century business without quality care for the customers and supporting their needs. Communication has to be efficient and quick especially in deliver business where time is always of the essence. When you reach out to the supplier they have to respond to you promptly and answer your question clearly and in a professional manner. If they have trouble answering your questions and they are late, you cannot do good business with them.

3. Time and Cost of Shipping

Naturally, the most important factors to consider come in the form of shipping times and costs. The costs should be easy to understand and standardized across the board, while the shipping times need to be optimal. Moreover, the time it passes between the order being made and processed and the shipment hitting the road must be satisfactory. Tracking of your shipment is a no-brainer of course as it does not take much in this day and age to have it available. Most of all, the supplier should be able to ship on your behalf and fulfil your needs as close as possible.

Source: Bootstrapping Ecommerce

4. Refunds, Returns, Defects

In an unlikely scenario that you have to return some goods due to transportation or mishandling damage, or if you receive something you did not order, the supplier has to have systems in place to handle returns and refunds. Such requests are common in the industry which is why any supplier without them does not seem serious. They even appear as if they do not care enough about their business partners.

5. Inventory

Finally, the last thing you should inspect and find out is the inventory size and how much the supplier can carry and hold at any given time. Replenishing one’s inventory and having things in stock is of the utmost importance. If your supplier lacks the most popular products, your revenue will suffer and you will lose clients to other dropshippers who have better supply chains. Items high in demand have to be in stock around the clock so go out of your way to ensure the supplier knows it.

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