How Companies Are Looking to Transform the Cannabis Market

The cannabis market has been around for centuries. First, a small niche market that focused on religious activities around the world, it became part of popular culture. This has been thanks to the hippy period and the hip-hop culture emerging from the United States. More people started experimenting with the product, and demand went through the roof. Unfortunately, cannabis at that time was still an illegal product in most countries.

Why is cannabis illegal?

The reason to illegalize cannabis is the labeling of the plant as being a drug. This flows from the fact that it contains THC, a psychoactive substance. When you consume cannabis, you are influenced by this component. This is also being referred to as being ‘high’ or ‘stoned’. This means you cannot function fully in society. For example, your driving is influenced meaning it is safer not to drive off into the busy streets as your response time is significantly slower.

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The illegalization of cannabis resulted in major challenges

The results of making cannabis illegal have been evident: drug dealing, violence, money laundering, and more. This is the reason why the (local) governments have been looking into ways to make it legal. Some countries managed to (partly) legalize it, such as The Netherlands. However, there are still major drawbacks and governments continue to negotiate the need for legalization. What if it is possible to get rid of a psychoactive plant?

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Innovative companies entering the stage

This is also the point where innovative companies entered the stage. Companies such as Cibdol started to ask the question: what if we create a product that is healthy and safe to use daily? This is how the concept of CBD oil started to emerge. This is an oil-type product that is extracted from the cannabis plant. Instead of smoking, you can pour it into your drinks or food. Cibdol is creating the product using CO2 extraction, meaning that CO2 is added to the plant and the oil is extracted with no chemicals added. This results in a product that is 100% pure cannabis oil.

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The benefits but not the downsides

This product helps you in the use cases where cannabis promised to help. Ranging from anxiety to restlessness and focus, CBD can help in all these cases. The upside is the fact that there is no psychoactive component, labeling the product safe for daily use. This is also the reason why governments have approved the consumption of the product.

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Other oil types such as hemp oil

Another option to consider is the consumption of hemp oils. These are different from cannabis and are used for other use cases. For example, they can also help to combat restlessness but are not that good at chronic pain prevention. The production process is also completely different from cannabis oil. They press the hemp seeds with special technology to extract the oil, with a process that can be compared with olive oil production.

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A diverse range of products

Cannabis industries are working on the production of different types of products. At first, we had only oils, tablets and gummy bears. However, with the increasing demand and beneficial aspects of cannabis, new products are on their way to the market. Industries are working on the production of different products.

One of the new products is cannabis-infused beverages. One of the biggest names “Coca-Cola” is also working on its new CBD carbonated drink.

This makes it clear that industries that were not involved in CBD products are now taking an interest. Therefore, it is highly likely that you will get your favorite products with CBD flavors, which is a breakthrough.

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Increasing awareness

Companies are working on increasing awareness regarding the beneficial aspects of CBD. At first, everyone thought that CBD products are similar to weed and they will make you high. Therefore, it was a real struggle to change the mindset. Furthermore, a lot of research studies were carried out to find the positive effects. The results of these studies have already changed the midset.

In addition to this, further studies have brought a revolutionary change in the CBD sector. People are well aware of the fact that these products are beneficial for your health. Now you don’t have to take pills for treating your headache. Instead, just have some gummies and get a better immune system.

Thus, to promote the beneficial aspects, companies are working hard to increase awareness regarding cannabis. This awareness is making cannabis popular and therefore, the industry is booming.

Furthermore, the misconception about ”cannabinoid making you high” is still prevailing in society. Therefore, companies also provide detailed information about the different components of cannabis plants.

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Continuous research

Although we already know a lot of medical benefits of CBD products but there is still a need to do a lot of things. CBD is already known as a miraculous product. However, there isn’t much research to support the revolutionary medical use of CBD products.

Some researchers claim that cannabinoids help treat cancer. But we do not have solid proof to prove this claim. Therefore, industries are working on expanding the research and development department to find out what else we can get.

In addition to this, we also know some claims about the antibiotic properties of cannabinoids. Besides, it is found to be more effective than antibiotic medicines. Therefore, research centers are also working on the production of antibiotic creams and ointments.

A lot of these research studies are providing scientific proves of the medical uses of cannabinoids. Therefore, companies are also trying to convince the medical association with their research results. Some of the CBD products are also available in medical stores and dispensaries. And if we get enough proof to show the medical importance of cannabinoids, there will be a revolution in medical science. We will get these products from pharmacies and doctors will recommend taking them instead of medicines.

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