6 Ways To Stop Hair Loss


Sometimes it seems that people are constantly on some kind of a diet, talking about working out, and of course, going to many, many treatments. Now, this is nothing unusual when we consider how important looks are today, as everyone wants to feel and look like the best versions of themselves. Luckily, we live in an age where various treatments and procedures can be of great help here, but, on the other hand, there are also plenty of things we can do by ourselves to look and feel better. Take hair loss as an example, as this is a quite common problem, but there are so many things that we can do to prevent and stop it.

1. Use the best haircare

One of the most common causes of hair fall is aggressive shampoos and other products that we use daily that should be healthy for our hair, but they are completely the opposite. Most of them are full of parabens and sulfates that can seem they make a miracle for our hair, but it is only currently, and after some time, they usually do more harm than good. Because of that, people with this problem should use natural shampoos and other products without parabens, sulfates, and any other harmful ingredients, which can be easily found in every drug store or even made at home, which is the even better and healthier option. Short-term results that have bad effects in the long run or, in this case, that can lead to hair loss are never a good option.

2. The mighty garlic


Many people avoid garlic because of the persistent smell it has, but when it comes to hair loss, garlic is one of the best ingredients that can prevent it and make it grow again. One of the most effective ways to use it is to cut the clove in half, use it to massage the scalp for a few minutes, and leave it at least fifteen minutes before washing. It is even better to leave it for the whole night to react, and there is no need to worry if you feel slight tingling since it is a sign that it is doing its job. There is no need to worry about the smell because it will disappear after washing, and if you are persistent, it will stop the hair loss. You can also find garlic oil, which is even easier to use and has the same effect, and as you might already know, this is just one of many health benefits of garlic.

3. Consider going on a diet

We are what we eat is probably one of the most accurate sayings and because of plenty of reasons. Namely, it is pretty contradictory that today exercising and taking care of our body and our overall well-being is one of the most talked-about topics, yet fast-food restaurants are to-go options for many. We should treat our body and take exceptional care of it, especially since everything affects us, and among all other things that can cause hair loss, stress is on the top of that list. That, combined with food that’s bad for us, leads to many potential health problems, and hair loss is just one of them. By getting enough sleep, regular exercising, and eating vitamin-rich food, you will feel much better and, as a plus, look much better. So, next time you want to have a tasty yet greasy burger instead of a healthy and tasty salad, keep this in mind as it will surely help you make the right choice.

4. Various oils


There are various oils that can nourish our hair and prevent its loss, and including them in our routine can make a difference after some time. Some of the most popular ones are castor, coconut, and peppermint oil, and they will nourish our hair and scalp and prevent damage and falling. As with any other ingredient, it is the best option to massage them into the scalp and leave them to react overnight, at least once a week, but if you are in a hurry, try to leave it at least a couple of hours before washing. Not only will they prevent hair loss, but they will make it look much shinier and much healthy, and you can expect new hair growth after some time. This one is a simple yet highly effective solution to this problem and, what’s even better, it will not take too much of your time.

5. Supplements

Sometimes hair loss is a reaction to the lack of vitamins and minerals in our blood, and if there is no option to intake them by food, it is necessary to take supplements. It is always best to take the blood analysis and see which of them should be used, but there is a solution even for those who are afraid of it, as it is possible to find various combinations of them made especially for hair loss problems. Most people already take some vitamins on a regular basis, and this is nothing new, but of course, it is always important to use the quality ones, and if you do not know where to find the best of them, visit HairLossGeeks.

6. Scalp massage


This one might come as a surprise for some, as the general opinion regarding scalp massage is that it feels great, but not many are aware of other potential benefits that such massage can provide. Several recent studies have shown that scalp massage can prevent hair loss. Yes, this might seem strange, but when we consider how exceptional it feels, this shouldn’t surprise us, and luckily, there is high demand and offer of scalp massagers on the market, so finding one that suits you the most should not be that big of a problem. We are yet to discover the full potential of massages, and this is just one of the latest breakthroughs, but what’s great about the scalp massage is that we can all set aside four minutes on a daily basis for it, and the results will amaze you.

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