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11 Must-Use Mac Business Apps to Get More Out of Your Work


If you were not in the workforce before iPhone’s release, you are not aware that IT professionals shunned Apple products. Designers and other creative people only used Macs. As IT didn’t offer much support, users of Mac were left on their own.

Today, however, a lot has changed, and IT professionals accept Macs, and they even deploy Macs over PCs. Even though Windows continues to occupy a major market share, more and more businesses are adopting Macs.

Also, several Mac apps are designed specifically to help businesses streamline their workflow, and some of them are mentioned below.

1. TeamViewer


TeamViewer is a feature-packed and free remote access software program that allows people to share their screens with other devices. Users can access the remote management suite during their sessions, including audio calls, messaging, video communication, etc. Given that most companies have adopted a remote working culture after the outbreak of the COVID-19, TeamViewer is an essential Mac app that lets you connect with your colleagues and employees easily. If you want information on more such screen-sharing apps, you can click

2. 1Password

1Password has been a huge hit among Mac users for more than ten years. The app is still relevant as it offers much more than password management. The app has many features, including supporting secure notes with attachments, safeguarding personal information like social security numbers, credit card information, passport information, etc. You can even use the two-factor authentication code to store your data safely.

The app even has business plans, which makes it the perfect application to store all business passwords, easily accessible to those who need them.

3. Spark

Are you looking for an email application that takes the normal Mac email experience to the next level? You need to check out Spark. The app supports next-generation features like scheduled send, snooze, etc. It excels in threading conversations together without making them appear cluttered. Using Spark with your team lets you use features like team replies, shared inboxes, and more.

4. PDF Expert


Every office works with PDF files, and the task can become much easier using PDF Expert. The minimalist software allows users to fill out forms and merge PDFs and has many tools for annotating, editing, and signing files on the fly.

5. Slack

Slack is an all-purpose messaging app that has taken office productivity to the next level. The app has several tools available, such as Giphy integration, private channels, and themes. Also, it offers better control over notifications and enhanced support for multiple teams.

6. Things

Things is hailed as one of the best-looking task manager apps for Mac that you’ll find. It quickly syncs with iPadOS and iOS versions as well. You can start using the app quickly and learn as you go along the way. Some of the features you can use are markdown, bullet lists, Things cloud ‘Fractus,’ and find in text.

You can manually structure notes in bullet points, and Things offer support in the form of intelligent spacing, automatic cleanup of double bullets, etc.

Thanks to markdown formatting, you can easily make headers in your notes, highlight and bold text.

7. Parallels Desktop


Do you need to run Linux or Windows on your Mac? Since many companies continue to use Windows-only programs to complete their daily tasks, it is good to know how you can run Windows on your Mac. Parallels Desktop is one of the well-known apps that allows users to run a virtual machine on macOS for Windows 11. The latest version of the app includes enhanced Apple Silicon support, multiple speed improvements, drag and drop for content between PC and Mac, and more.

You can even use the app to run macOS Monterey beta version.

8. Backblaze

One of the best ways to back up your Mac is using Backblaze. It is an offsite backup software that does not slow down your Mac, and after the initial upload is complete, you won’t even notice it’s running in the background. With the recent update, the app has become even better and offers better performance to Mac users. The app has been a native application since its release, and it continues to get better with every update. The app is priced affordably and offers unlimited storage.

9. CleanShot X

Do you need to take screenshots regularly? Even though pressing Shift + Command + 3 on your Mac can snap screenshots, CleanShot X is the app to download. The app is one of the best screenshot tools for Macs, and it can make GIFs, record videos, blur out sensitive materials, add annotations, etc. The app can make it easier for you to collaborate with your remote team while you’re sending tutorial explanations or UI corrections.

10. Spike


Spike looks like a combined service of iMessage and email. The app strips away all the formality of an email (signatures, headers, and so on) and looks like iMessage.

The app understands the demands of having one platform to read your emails, slack direct messages, iMessages, etc. With Spike, there’s no need to go through individual inboxes. All of your messages are stored in a single place, and you can access them quickly. You can even respond to emails as you do your iMessages. The conversational platform of Spike resembles that of WhatsApp. So, if you’ve wanted one platform that consolidates all your messages, Spike is the app that you must download right away. It’ll make team collaborations so much easier and better. With this, you can also use the service of Quick Lines that can help you start all types of conversations.

11. Pixelmator Pro

If you’re not a graphic designer but need to make minor corrections to images, resize pictures, or do light design work, you can install Pixelmator Pro. The app saves you from installing the full version of Adobe.

So, how many of these Mac business apps are you already using? These applications can augment the productivity of your work and streamline your workflow. It can help you to collaborate with your team and host virtual business meetings with ease.

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