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3 FAQs Newbies Have About Using Red Light Therapy – Find Out More Info Here!


Are you new to trying all different types of therapy methods to make yourself look younger? If you find that you were not proactive when it comes to using sunscreen, taking care of your acne, and cleaning your makeup off every night, you may find that you are now suffering the consequences. If you are older and you find that you have acne scars, wrinkles, and age spots that are the result of too much sun exposure and lack of skincare, this can be frustrating.

But how do you solve these skin issues? If you find that going to the dermatologist, visiting a therapy facility, and cleansing your skin are not doing the trick, you might be looking for something a little more serious to get rid of the skin damage on your face and rejuvenate your appearance. But what therapy method should you use?

One of the most effective therapy modalities that you can use to help rejuvenate your skin and bring youthfulness back to your face is using red light therapy. Although this method is typically less used than other modalities – and can be somewhat controversial – this technique is typically effective in the way that it helps treat wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, psoriasis, wounds, age-related issues, and other skin conditions. Instead of just accepting that your skin is looking tired, dull, and lifeless, bring some youth back into your face by using this treatment!

Learn more about a few questions that new users may have about using red light therapy – and some answers to put their minds at ease before using this treatment modality!

3 FAQs that you might have about using red light therapy – put your mind at ease by reading these answers!


1. Can I use skincare products while using red light therapy?

Since you’re probably used to using specific skincare products – to either help repair your skin cells or to help cover up any spots, like makeup – you might be wondering if you can continue with your normal cleaning and cover-up routine when you are using the treatment. However, keep in mind that certain chemicals, oils, and products can interfere with the way that red light interacts with the skin cells on your face. Make sure that you read more information about the products that are beneficial to red light therapy and which ones can detract from the results before getting this procedure done!

  • Makeup – if you are using makeup, then make sure you use products that have certain ingredients on the label and avoid other stronger and harsher products. Since the therapy is known to help get rid of fine lines and age spots focused around your eyes, using heavy makeup in these areas after the treatment can cause adverse results. Instead of using heavy makeup, professionals recommend using an anti-aging cream or some type of serum that will help with the results, such as using products that contain vitamin C and peptides!
  • Sunscreen – another product you will use – especially in the summertime – is sunscreen. But how does this affect the treatment? If you use a type of cover-up, foundation, makeup, or sunscreen that contains a blockage of UVB or UVA ways, this will help the treatment. However, make sure that you do not use it too close to the treatment, as the product that is used to block ultraviolet light can sometimes block the LED lights that are used during the therapy sessions.
  • Salicylic acids- salicylic acids are commonly found in acne treatment and products that are used to get rid of bacteria buildup on your skin. Since salicylic acid is usually used to get rid of dirt, debris, and clogged pores, it can sometimes fight off the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Retinol – Retinol is commonly found in anti-aging creams, serums, and moisturizers that are used on your face and on your skin. Although retinol is used for encouraging skin cell growth and helping prevent age lines, you need to talk to your doctor about when to use this with the treatment – you will find that using retinol products after the therapy is the best way to help speed up recovery!
  • Rollers – have you ever seen someone using a massager on their face? This unique skin treatment actually helps bring circulation to your face to help with recovery after the process. Using a massager or roller on your face can help bring blood flow to the area and reduce stiffness, helping with the production of mitochondria in the area!

2. How can I prepare my skin for the therapy?


If you are going to get red light therapy, there are certain ways you can best prepare for your appointment to avoid any unwanted results and prepare your skin to recover quickly! The most common ways that you can prepare for your therapy is keeping with your routine (i.e. skincare as normal), avoiding any harmful chemicals in moisturizers or makeup, and cleaning your skin with gentle cleaners before you go in for treatment on the day of!

3. Are there any dangers with red light therapy?

Although this therapy is much less risky than you would find with other procedures, such as botox or fillers, all therapy modalities contain some type of risk. However, the therapy is generally considered one of the best skincare treatments that you can get! Although there is less research done on this method than other modalities, you should consult with your doctor to see if you are the ideal candidate for this treatment.



Are you considering getting red light therapy on your face or on your body to get rid of age lines, wrinkles, and sunspots? If so, read more about this process so you can be confident going into the procedure! Make sure you avoid certain products in your makeup and sunscreen, clean your skin before the appointment, and do some research into the process beforehand.

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