How To Use Your Writing Skills Wisely By Working At Home

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To start doing writing jobs at home, you have to master writing, meaning you have to become a professional writer. Becoming writing isn’t as easy as people think it is. It’s not that hard either. This pandemic has caused people to find ways to earn money online and writing is one of the easiest as no investment is required to start a writing career. Getting jobs outside your house is difficult nowadays due to lockdowns in every country.

Mastering writing takes months to master writing but once you’ve done it, you’ll have endless jobs waiting for you. Many companies are hiring expert writers to produce good content for them and for that to happen, you will have to work hard day and night. It’s not something that just happens overnight, practice and hard work are required.

There’s no perfect writer in this world, every writer just keeps getting better and better over time. The best part about writing is that you can do it without an English degree. Even when you start working, you won’t be asked to show any kind of degree, all you will be asked is to show some samples of your previous work and will be asked about your previous experience if you’ve worked with anyone else.

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You can start by freewriting so you can get into the habit of daily writing. Keep doing this every day and start doing other things like reading books side by side to improve your vocabulary as well. Writing also requires good vocabulary and it can not be done without it.

You also may seek online help from professional writers and they can guide you through your journey writing career. You can ask them about how they became a professional writer and then follow in their footsteps to become a professional writer one day.

Let’s talk about writing jobs now, there are many writing jobs you can do from home such as technical writing, business writing, article writing, Seo writing, ghostwriting and, etc.

Each writing style has a different writing tone to it. Like when doing technical writing, you have to add a little conversational element to the manual so the reader doesn’t get bored when reading the thing. Just like this, every other writing style has its writing tone to it.

Working from home and having no boss is like every person’s dream. You don’t need any kind of investment to do these kinds of jobs. All you have to do is make an account on any websites that offer work like Fiverr or Freelance and start applying for jobs.

You can also use websites like to get some work online.

Here are some writing jobs you can easily do from your comfort zone;

1. Article writing

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When doing article writing, you can get a dollar for every word you write. It depends on how much you charge but knowing that you just started writing, no one will be willing to give more than a dollar for a word unless your work is too good.

The faster you write the more work your company will give you to write. This is just how article writing works. Articles are published every day in magazines and newspapers so many companies are looking for fast writers who can provide daily articles for them to publish.

You can go up to your local newspaper shops and ask them if they have any work for you. Keep your rates below 2 dollars at first because no one will be willing to hire such an expensive beginner writer.

2. Ghostwriting

This is when you write for people but you don’t get any credit for it. The people you write for will get all the credit for it but you can charge up to 3x more as you don’t get any credit.

Ghostwriters are known to make the most money in this writing industry because they can charge up to 3x more than usual. No other writer can do this, they can but no one will pay them to triple the amount.

3. Technical writing

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If you’re the guy who knows a lot about technology, then this writing job is definitely for you. Not many writers supply this kind of work but there’s a lot of demand for them.

Not everyone is an expert with technology meaning not everyone can do this job. Technical writers write manuals and guides for big companies resulting in big paycheques.

Companies hire technical writers to make their boring guide a little interesting by adding a conversational element to it.

4. SEO writing

SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization. This is when you write for companies assisting them with their websites by making them rank high in the google search. Only big businesses hire this kind of writer as they are expensive and only big companies can afford them.

Seo writing is when you’re given a keyword to use in one of your articles. The keyword makes the article pop up in searches when the keyword is searched meaning people will open their websites to read it. All this gives revenue to the website owner.

5. Course writing

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Course writing is something not every writer can do as it can take up to months to produce a course for a school. This is why not many writers do this but, if you have the passion for it, you should do it as you can charge up to more than three thousand dollars for one whole course.

6. Make a blog

Once you’ve chosen a writing style, you can go ahead and make yourself a blog and post your content on it. A blog can be a sort of a side income for you. It can also be your main source of income if you can write faster.

A blog is something people use to convey their ideas and work to their audience. Try to keep up with the SEO trends because if you don’t, no one will be able to read your writing even if you’re producing the best content out there.

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