Does It Matter What Area Code You Have In The United States


If you have wondered what are the three digits before your mobile number, they are the area code. These numerals are a direct indicator of your location so every phone number has a location code before the actual numerals. Every state is divided into a smaller location for better control over the devices so when some area digits get used up with many phone numerals, the state adds another code for the same location so every resident can have a unique number.

Other than the location information that these digits show, many people are using it as a piece of personal identity information. Usually, you get your first number when you are young and it represents the place that you have grown up. When you move out of your state, you don’t need to change it because it is a representation of you. Many times, you can hear in the rap songs they say a three digits code, and that is usually the area one.

If you are wondering if it matters what code you have in the United States, this article is for you. We will not only speak of the importance of those numbers but also do they matter since you can use them even when you don’t leave there.

The uniqueness of your number


Every resident in the United States needs a unique phone number so you can call them. Imagine the problems that may occur when calling that person, and another person picks up. In addition to the uniqueness, they help the operators on directing the call. The seven-digit number that everyone has can be the same as someone else’s because there are a lot of people living in the United States.

The area code will help with having a unique number because it can divide the two people with the same last numbers with the location that they live. So, let’s take two people, for example, one from Florida and one from Texas, they both have the same seven-digit numbers, but they can be separated with the area code.

This same logic applies to businesses as you can use this uniqueness to make it easier for customers to differentiate you from other companies as suggested by the area code guide by AraAra.

If you are wondering what separates the number from the US and the other parts of the world, those are the country codes and they are written with a plus symbol before the number itself so there can be no phones with the same numeral anywhere in the world, your digits are just your own.

Scam suspicion


Phone call scams are still present, and that is a shame. So, when someone is calling you unexpectedly from a number that you don’t know, especially if it from another state just don’t pick up. First, you might have to pay more depending on your cellular plan. Without thinking that is something important, you will be shocked by the amount you will have to pay when the bill arrives.

Secondly, the call is almost guaranteed to be a scam. If you pick up and they tell you that you owe money somewhere that you forgot to pay, or most commonly you didn’t pay enough tax and you might go to jail if you don’t pay them a questionable amount try not to fall for that. When the call is real you will know because the call would come from your local office depending on what the situation is. If you are keeping an eye on your finances well, they can’t scam you that easily.

Keep an eye on the area code number because they might tell you that they are calling you from your location but they are actually not. Formal offices use strictly correct area codes that can’t be mistaken with another.

Identity information


When you are young and your parents gift you a phone, you will get a numeral with an area code of your place of living. Some people are nostalgic with the place that they were born and they grew up. Since your first number is showing your area code, if you are proud of the place that your childhood days passed, you might want to keep it and hold it forever. You can use the same one your whole life so you can connect with some people when you hear their area digits and you find out they were from the same area.

Some people are holding to their code as a cultural identity. In the songs, you can hear authors singing about a specific number that might be the area code of the neighborhood that they live and represent. There are area digits that are old and rare, and when someone dies, they take their phone numerals to keep a social status as a proud resident. They might even sell phone numbers with a specific code for a certain location for a really big price so you might find some old New York or Los Angeles area code numbers that are up for sale for a price you wouldn’t imagine.

Information about the location


When you search for specific area digits, you can find information about that location. For example, you search a code for New York and you can find tourist guides for places that you might want to visit, you can find weather information, you can find time zone and specific time of that place. Some codes are important to find businesses, for example, there are specific digits for silicon valley in San Francisco and you know that that firm is IT-oriented.


The information that the codes give us is important not just for the location, but for our personal matters also. While the code gives information of the location that we live in now, or we have lived in the past, it is also a good indicator if someone tries to scam you or take money from you in an unwanted matter. While the information about the current location is not correct anymore, they still keep a social status of a proud current or past resident of a current state, city, or neighborhood.

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