Key Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Hanging Banner

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When it comes to business management, it is often hard to differentiate bad decisions from good. After all, so many “bad” business decisions turn out to be good for the company in the long run. The same cannot be said about marketing. In the past, the lack of analytics and the lack of clear marketing standards meant that marketers could try anything and essentially get away with it. Brands were not afraid to experiment, even if it meant sending millions down the drain.

However, new business owners cannot afford to make such marketing mistakes. Although there are no standardized roadmaps that guarantee marketing success, there are several clear dos and don’ts that all brand leaders need to avoid. Global spending on media was over 2.1 trillion dollars in 2019. These high figures re-establish the fact that marketing is a high-stakes game. Even if your brand is investing in cost-effective marketing tools, the costs of errors are huge.

A well-designed hanging banner can immensely benefit a small business, helping it to attract curious potential customers. However, a poorly designed and shoddily executed banner ad will give people the wrong impression about the brand. Here are some key design and execution mistakes that marketers must avoid when working with banner advertisements –

Not Selecting the Correct Size


The size should depend on the types of target audiences you want to attract. If busy shoppers are your brand’s target audience, make sure that it is big enough to be spotted in a crowd. Make sure that the content is brief, easy to read, and immediately engaging.

Not Installing the Banners at Strategic Locations

The best part about banners and billboards is that they generate attention from local audiences. However, if your banner ad is bang in the middle of a store that no one visits, this inherent advantage is instantly eliminated. Place the banner ads in locations where you expect to meet your brand’s target audiences.

Not Using High-Quality Images


The information inside images is easier to process than information in long texts – that is the fundamental rule of banner advising. It is far better for brands to use only two to three lines of text alongside large and striking images. High-quality images will catch the initial attention of target audiences. Then, if the products/services offered by the brand are good, customer engagement will follow.

Not Using Striking Headlines

If your advertising banner only features your brand name and logo, there is a high chance that target customers will not even realize what the banner ad is about. Businesses cannot expect new customers to be aware of their brands, products, or services. So, printing eye-catching headlines like “get discount deals now” is much more efficient at getting target audiences initially interested in the brand.

Not Using CTAs


Calls-To-Action (CTAs) are small messages that inform target audiences about what they need to do to get in touch with the brand. Without these instructions (coupled with relevant service and product features), customers will not know how or why to engage with the brand.
Spreading brand awareness via banner ads becomes much easier when marketers avoid these basic mistakes. Now, as we know some of the common mistakes to avoid, next let us explore various types of handling banner material choices to make the best outcome. For those who want quick buying, go to this website to make your choices in the hanging banner.

Choices of banner material

Banner advertising and announcements are very effective solutions which worked for many decades for businesses. The choice of the right material is one of the most important decisions to distinguish between the success and failure of your banner campaign. Further, we will discuss some of the most common options in hanging banners.

Mesh vinyl banners


Like normal vinyl materials, mesh vinyl is of better quality and also more waterproof. It also features better fade resistance compared to other materials. Mesh vinyl features tiny holes on its surface, which will allow air to pass through it and thereby making it more breathable and wind-resistant. Mesh vinyl banners tend to last longer than other traditional materials. These properties make mesh banners ideal if you plan to install a hanging fence banner.

Vinyl adhesive banners

These are an ideal alternative to the free-standing type of banners. If you have a wall in the background with a smooth surface where you can hang it, you can consider adhesive vinyl ones. These are made of 10 oz—opaque vinyl, which is of high quality. Like the normal vinyl, this banner material is also waterproof and fade-resistant. Ensuring durability, adhesive vinyl banners are wrinkle-resistant too. As an add-on, this material is easily washable and highly reusable.

Polyester banners


Compared to other materials, fabric ones are used to offer a high-quality color finish and sharp printing ability. Polyester fabric banners are ideal for professional advertising. These are mostly suitable for indoor advertising. They are usually printed with an advanced dye-sublimation method which can create a very vibrant and high-quality print. They are also scratch-resistant. However, as it is a fabric material, polyester banners are not ideal for outdoor banners. There is no problem in using them outside in milder weather conditions for a few hours at a time, but continuous usage may damage them easily over time.

Canvas banners

Canvas is another material you can consider for hanging banners. These are made of high-quality thick cotton duck canvas material, which is very durable and strong. Canvas banners are ideal for heavy-duty applications too. Canvas can be wind-resistant, waterproof to an extent, and also fire resistant. When used artistically, they can offer an aesthetic appeal too. Canvas is used in professional applications, and the semi-gloss finish of canvas printing gives it a classy look.

Alon with the choices in banner materials, it is also important to consider the design for your banner to complement impact. There are many pre-designed templates available which you can explore and compare in light of your purpose. With the help of advanced computer design software, you can use your images, brand-specific graphics, and text and also set it up in any imaginable sizes and finishes.

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