10 Benefits of Becoming a Dental Assistant in 2024

Are you looking for a job that’s both satisfying and pays well? You should consider becoming a dental assistant. It will be your job to help the office run as smoothly as possible.

You’ll take dental x-rays, prepare patients for their treatments, and clean dental tools.

Your duties don’t end with the practice room. You’ll also perform various clerical duties like scheduling appointments and making sure the waiting room stays neat and functional.

Are you not sure if doing all this work is worth it? Check out this guide to learn all the benefits of training to be an assistant.

Source: Pittsburgh Career Institute

1. Job Satisfaction

Health care professionals have some of the most satisfying jobs that a person can get. A dental assistant career means working closely with other people to take care of a patient’s smile.

Customer service is part of the job. You’ll get to know your patients and watch them develop as their treatment goes on.

Having a great smile fills people with confidence and pride. There’s almost nothing better than being the reason for a person’s happy glow.

You’ll also help patients get comfortable in the chair and ease their fears. The level of trust that they put in you is pretty rewarding.

2. The Field is In Demand

Dental assistant jobs are always in demand. For one, there is a correlation between oral hygiene and overall health.

Having a great smile helps improve a person’s self-esteem so, there’s always someone getting dental work done. As a person ages, their need for dentist visits goes up.

With all the people in the baby boomer generation needing care, it won’t be hard for you to find work.

Source: Blue Cliff College

3. Training Doesn’t Take That Long

When it comes to getting a medical degree, many people are turned off by it because of how long it takes. You’ll be happy to know that getting your dental assistant certification from UMA will only take about 9 months of training.

Since training doesn’t take that long, that means your student loan bill will stay at a reasonable rate.

You’ll get hands-on learning in various dental techniques and learn how to use the necessary tools. They’ll also teach you all the clerical techniques that you’ll need to know.

4. You’ll Be Well Rewarded

Any money that you spend for your certification will be easy for you to pay back given the amount of income you’ll bring in. Getting about 19 dollars an hour is nothing to sneeze at.

On top of being paid well, you’ll also get access to medical benefits, free dental care, paid sick leave, and paid holidays off.

Dental assistant salaries can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and the specific dental practice. On average, dental assistants in the United States earn around $35,390 per year. However, highly experienced and skilled dental assistants may earn higher salaries, while those in entry-level positions may start with lower wages.

Source: Medium

5. Your Day Will Have Some Variety

You’ll never get bored working at a dental office. There are so many duties you’re in charge of that none of your days will be the same.

You have to check in patients, schedule appointments, take x-rays, clean dental tools, fit orthopedics, and prepare people for treatment.

6. Working With Interesting People

Do you take joy in working with other people? If so, you’ll love being a dental assistant.

You’ll work closely with colorful co-workers and meet patients from all walks of life. It’s one of the most enjoyable parts of the job.

Source: Medium

7. Quality Work Environment

Medical facilities stay pretty quiet. The only time you’ll hear much noise is when a scared child is fighting treatment.

Dental offices don’t see as many patients as other facilities, so it’s less hectic and crowded. There will be times when you do get a chance to chill.

Most medical offices stay pretty sterile. They’re also well-lit so, you don’t have to worry about squinting to look at your computer screen.

8. There’s Plenty of Room for Advancement

Many people use being a dental assistant as a stepping stool to pursue other jobs in the field. You’ll get all the hands-on experience you need to learn how to run an office as a manager.

All the practical training you get will prepare you to move on to becoming a dental hygienist if you choose.

Source: Foundation Education

9. Schedule Flexibility

You can be a part-time or full-time assistant. As far as hours go, if you work in a clinic, there’s a good chance that they’ll be set for you.

You’ll get a little more wiggle room for variety if you choose to work in a hospital instead. Either way, you’ll have a stable schedule, which is more than you get when you work in retail.

10. Many Places to Work

If you want to move to an area where your child has better educational opportunities, you can as a dental assistant.

Since the job is in high demand, you can move wherever you want and still find work somewhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a large city or a small town. There will be a variety of clinics for you to apply to.

Speaking of clinics, you can work in one of those or choose to be in a hospital somewhere.

Source: Canadian Academy of Dental Hygiene

Why Become a Dental Assistant Today?

Are you looking for a rewarding career where you can improve the quality of life of many people? Becoming a dental assistant might be right for you.

Not only will you make people smile, but you’ll have a flexible schedule, there will be many places to work, and you’ll make a decent salary. Go get your certification today.

If you don’t think that working with people’s teeth is right for you, there are other great jobs in the medical field. Check out the Business section of our blog to learn about your options.

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