5 Jobs You Can Do With an Online Nutrition Certificate


Are you in the process of earning your nutrition certification online? If so, then you might be wondering how this can help you later in life. Where can you work with a nutrition certification online? If you are curious about what type of job you can earn, where you can work, and how much money you’ll make with the salary of a nutritionist, then read this helpful guide. Learning the places where you can work and where you would be best suited with your qualification is key to updating your resume, going to the right job interviews, and looking into the right places.

After all, if you enjoy working in a gym setting, why would you apply to work at a healthcare clinic? If you enjoy working one on one with private clients, why not consider opening up your own business? Click here to know the best pathways that you can take if you earn your online nutrition certificate and how this can benefit your career!

Have you earned your online nutrition certificate? Find out where you can work!

Did you earn your online nutrition certificate? Since you have earned this reputable degree online, you are now qualified to work for various types of organizations and centers. Along with being able to work in a gym, a qualified nutritionist can work in a healthcare center or open their own business!

Personal weight management consultant


Are you interested in helping people reach their goal weight, get healthy, and learn how to eat and exercise for their body type? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then using your certificate to become a weight management consultant is a good option for your next career move! If you like the thought of helping people get results on the scale, then learning how to put together meal plans to help people lose weight is a great way that you can fulfill your aspirations and help others get healthier in the process.

  • The main job of a weight management consultant is a person who will work with clients to come up with new foods, weight loss plans, and eating regimens that help them lose weight, lose fat, gain muscle, or reach the ideal weight or physique that they are looking for.
  • By working together with your clients to discuss their current lifestyle, their exercise habits, and their likes/dislikes of food, you can find out the best way to design a program that will work with their unique schedule and needs.

Gym nutritionist


If you enjoy the idea of being in a gym setting, you like working with clients who are dedicated to their health and wellness, and you exercise in your free time, then why not work at a gym? By working in a healthcare setting that prioritizes fitness, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, you can kill two birds with one stone – especially if you are active yourself! With your online nutrition certificate, you can be qualified to work as a gym nutritionist to work with personal training clients, gym members, and others who are interested in fixing their diet, gaining muscle, losing weight, or getting a more toned physique.

Nutrition educator


If you find you enjoy teaching and helping others learn the same skills that you have already honed, then becoming a nutrition educator is one of the best ways that you can use your online certification to get the job of your dreams! Avoid being overwhelmed by working in a loud and noisy gym setting – instead, use your public speaking skills, motivational tactics, and teaching attributes to help others at schools or corporations learn more about healthy eating.

Instead of focusing necessarily on physiques, fitness, and exercise, you can use your certificate to teach others the basics of healthy eating, how to put together a nutrition plan, and how to balance their life. After all, many people do not know how to eat healthily – they may skip lunch or they may eat junk food for snacks. In corporate settings, you may find people who go and eat burgers every single day for their lunch break – educating workers is key to being able to use your skills for the greater good of the general public!

Sports nutritionist


Do you enjoy working with athletes? Do you enjoy the intense setting of gyms, sports centers, practice fields, and strength and conditioning centers? If so, then working with athletes to hone their nutrition and help them get better at their sport can be the best way to use your online nutrition certificate.

  • A sports nutritionist will be able to work with individual athletes, teams, or sports clubs to teach them about the benefits of healthy eating, put together personalized plans for individual athletes, and help athletes who have specific dietary restrictions (i.e. gluten-free or vegan) still get the energy and caloric needs for their sport.

Meal planning expert


The last job that you can earn with an online nutrition certificate is as a meal planning expert. If you enjoy the science behind putting food together, you want to make tasty meals for your clients, and you like the science behind macronutrients and micronutrients, this could be the ideal job for you.

A meal planning expert can use their online nutrition certificate to help others who are unsure of how to put foods together, the differences between the macronutrients in foods (i.e. fats, carbohydrates, proteins, sugars, etc) and do not know how to combine foods to create tasty meals. Help others actually enjoy eating healthy food by becoming a meal planning expert!


Are you confused as to how you can use your online nutrition certificate to get a job? Use this guide to find out what jobs you can apply for, which jobs you would be best suited towards, and how you can use your nutrition knowledge to help athletes, the general public, and corporations/schools learn more about the benefits of healthy eating and a better diet!

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