Things You Must Know Regarding Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Every employer wants to hire the best candidates to enhance the performance and reputation of his company. The applicant has to go through various tests and interviews to get the desired designation. It is necessary to know the entire background of the applicant before hiring him.

It includes a background check, lifestyle, resume, and much more. There is a crucial pre-employment drug test that ensures the person is perfect for the company.

The test is necessary to safeguard the workplace and keep other employees protected. Any person involved in drug use can affect the atmosphere of the organization. It is hard to get the desired output from such people.

Therefore, a check-up is quite vital before hiring any candidate. Health Street can help you with the 12-panel drug test. In the following write-up, we will discuss various things that you must know regarding pre-employment drug examinations.

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We have already discussed the aim of doing such an examination. In many companies, candidates are asked to go for the test before coming for the interview. It ensures the security and safety of the organization. An applicant has to go through various tests that detect the following substances:

  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Phencyclidine
  • THC or Marijuana

Now, you might be wondering how an applicant is examined. Various tests of urine, blood, sweat, and saliva take place for screening the candidate background. There are three phases of the testing process.

  • The sample is collected, and it undergoes the initial screening. It helps in detecting the presence or absence of the mentioned drugs.
  • If the result of the initial screening comes positive, then another confirmation screen is done. A medical review officer is present while doing the confirmed examination.
  • After getting the results with two to three days, it is decided whether to appoint the applicant or not.
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The Importance of the Test

In many companies, the test is quite crucial to ensure the safety and security of the workplace. All the employees undergo the examination to prove whether they are capable of staying in an organization. Every business owner wants the constant growth and productivity of his organization.

But people involved in such activities lack focus and therefore, they are not perfect for any work. It is noted that people who take drugs miss their work, change jobs, come late to the office, bad behavior, and much more. It is hard to handle such people because they can also harm other staff.

Other employees need protection and a safe environment in their workplace. Initially, a company has to spend money on these tests, but a lot of money is saved if it hired perfect candidates for their organization. Generally, this test happens in transportation companies where there are more chances of loss if the person consumes alcohol or drugs.

The screening process takes place frequently to ensure whether they are involved in such activities. Such an examination is a good idea for all employers for building a safe atmosphere for their candidates.

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Common Test Methods

  • Urine

The drug screening includes taking the urine sample for testing whether a person takes drugs or not. The sample will go through three phases to confirm the presence of drugs. It is used in random testing programs, and many existing employees can be asked for the test.

If anyone is suspected of the intake of illegal drugs, then this random test takes place on him. It is easy to detect whether any person has consumed alcohol or other drugs recently. It is considered as the approved method, and many regulated and non-regulated employers prefer it.

  • Hair

If an employer is considering the long detection span, then a hair sample can give the result. It is easy to detect the use of drugs within the past three months. If you are confirming the intake of alcohol, then it will not give any result.

The lab technician takes at least 100 strands close to the scalp of the candidate as a sample. If positive output comes, then it is easy to reveal the consumption of drugs.

Source: Texas Employer Handbook
  • Blood

In case of illegal use of drugs, the blood sample is collected. A licensed phlebotomist collects the sample and examines the blood. It is easy to reveal the type and levels of the drug present in the blood. It is an accurate way of getting the output. But many employers do not prefer such a thing.

  • Saliva

It is not a standard method because the applicant can dilute their results with ease. It is easy to minimize the cost and time by collecting the sample on-site. The examination takes a few hours or days to get the result. The saliva is collected from the mouth of the candidate.

  • Breath

It is a standard method to detect the consumption of alcohol. If anyone drinks alcohol in the workplace, then the employer can determine it. There is a machine known as a breathalyzer that helps in detecting the alcohol concentration in an employee. It can happen to all the existing and new candidates.

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The Process of Conducting the Test

Every company must look for the laws of their countries. The employer must know whether they can take place such examinations or not. The process involves various steps for employers:

  1. Get a drug screening policy in writing before taking such tests.
  2. Give an advance notice in writing to make everything clear about the process.
  3. Get consent from the applicant via email before taking the sample and proceed further.
  4. Provide instructions to the applicant from where he can go for the examination.
  5. Track the candidate throughout the process by documents.
  6. Collect prescriptions to avoid unnecessary positive results.
  7. The medical review officer will go through the reports for further confirmation.
  8. Review output and tell candidates about them.
  9. Take hiring decisions with a relaxed mind.
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Final Thoughts

In many countries, pre-employment drug tests are relatively necessary for all candidates who want a job in reputed companies. Every employer wants to hire perfect candidates to increase the efficiency and productivity of the organization. Know various things about this examination before you go for an interview in any company.

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