4 Things Businesses Want And Need From Employment Lawyers


If you have a private business or want to start a new business – congratulations! It is always best to be independent in your work and not have a boss that will breathe behind your back. However, something like this carries with it a great responsibility. You are responsible to yourself,  but also your employees, your business partners, associates, clients, etc. Ouch! Now that you think about it, you realize that it’s not as simple as you thought. Fortunately, some people can help you go through all these processes easier – and these are employment lawyers.

The Role Of An Employment Lawyer In Private Business

Whenever we talk about hiring an employment lawyer, we always think primarily of employees and their rights. That is OK, but we must not ignore the fact that with rights, there are always obligations going on. By obligations, we mean primarily the things that employees are required to do under the employment contract – to respect the employer. Although the rights of employees are more often endangered today – that doesn’t mean that there are no opposite cases. Therefore, every start-up or business needs to have a legal representative who will protect his and the company’s interests. Let’s make it clear: this is not to be used to the detriment of employees – but the owner of the company must also protect his legal rights.


The Issues Employment Lawyers Deal With When Working For A Private Company

Within the company, employment lawyers deal mainly with more complex legal issues and the rights and obligations of employees. Above all, they are excellent advisors in every way – from procedural issues that the company has to deal with, through the rights and obligations of employees, to contractual or other disputes that a company may have in court. In recent times, employment lawyers are also dealing with more sensitive issues such as various types of discrimination, sexual harassment, or mobbing. Therefore, we can see it is necessary to have an employment lawyer who will know how to advise you – and deal with some of the complex legal issues that you as a business owner are not familiar with. Here are some specific things for which businesses need to hire an employment lawyer.

1. They Are Your Trusted Allies In Business

Let’s say you’ve just started a business, or are just planning to. It is clear that you still have a long way to go. Namely, you will face a lot of extensive documentation – and also, you may encounter various obstacles that can slow you down. Administration and paperwork can be very confusing at times – and we don’t even have to mention how hard and boring that is. Also, according to Levitt LLP, there are many legal aspects that you are probably not familiar with enough. That is why an employment lawyer can be your reliable ally. A lawyer will certainly help you with business registration, giving you legal advice – or helping you make decisions that are in line with the legal framework. So, an employment lawyer should be your trusted person – who will accompany you throughout your business.


2. The Employment Lawyer Knows Employment Laws

Of course, this is such an obvious thing. It is clear that when you hire a lawyer, he simply has to be a master of this matter. So knowledge of labor law, the law on wages, working hours, discrimination at work, sexual or other harassment, absence from work due to illness, etc. – are only a part of what your employment lawyer will do. You need to hire a law firm experienced in this field –  because only then can you be completely at ease. Namely, their job is to protect your business from any responsibilities that may arise from the relationship between you as an employer and your employees.

3. Concluding An Employment Contract

Of course, when you have your own business, we assume that you want to expand it – and that means hiring staff. Your employees must work legally, and both parties must follow existing laws. To achieve that, the main postulate is the existence of an employment contract between your company and employees. An employment lawyer is essential here – because contracts are not only something that applies to the employer but also to the employees. Therefore, it is significant for both parties in such a business relationship that the rights and obligations of both are covered by the Contract. In addition, for this kind of work, you need someone who knows the applicable state and federal laws to comply with all the norms that are relevant to both parties.


4. Mediation And Resolving Employment Lawsuits

No employer wants problems with the employees or among the employees. Therefore, the presence and engagement of employment lawyers have become a necessity. Although most businesses want everything to work smoothly, things are not always like that – so, sometimes it happens that companies get into legal disputes. These are sometimes disputes with dissatisfied employees – but sometimes these can be disputes with dissatisfied associates, customers, and the like. The job of a lawyer is to try to resolve such disputes by mediation and out of court if possible. Lawyers are there to thoroughly check all the clauses of the contracts and try to resolve the dispute amicably – and if possible, out of court. If this is not achievable, they will be there to represent your interests in court and try to reach the best solution for you.


Nowadays, having your own business and not having a lawyer is almost impossible. More precisely, if you do so, there is little chance that your business will not suffer from the onslaught of extensive documentation, poor knowledge of the law, and possible disputes with employees, or even possible disputes with your associates, and the like. Therefore, hiring a lawyer for employees should be considered before you open a company or at least start a business. That is surely something that will save you a lot of trouble and possible legal problems.

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