Dating While Traveling: How to Have Fun and Stay Safe


Traveling is an exciting opportunity to discover new towns and regions, and you may do so with your partner. If you are visiting a new place for the first time, going on a date is an excellent way to appreciate its uniqueness. If your date is a local, they will show you around the neighborhood and even help you get acquainted with it.

You should know how to stay safe, no matter how much you trust your date. In this scenario, safety entails giving oneself the authority to make healthy judgments and trusting your intuition. Above all, remember that you are traveling to have fun; do not let minor inconveniences get in the way. With that said, let’s look at what you need to know when dating while traveling.

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Meet at a Known Location

Chances are, you are meeting your date for the first time. Therefore, you need to be aware of the location where you are meeting. It is a new city, yes, but just a simple detail about the location will not cause any harm. Always be cautious; check to see if there is someone following you. Be certain the place is not secluded, and most of all, make sure you are both comfortable.


Be Assertive

In some scenarios, especially when you notice your date is making you uncomfortable, being assertive will help. Learn to always say no to what makes you uncomfortable and do not be apologetic when you are in the right. Sometimes, people take advantage of their dates, especially if they notice you are new to the area. Just learn to say no in a polite way that will make the other person behave well.

Do Not Give Out Too Much Personal Information

Personal information is what most stalkers or someone with bad intentions will always search for. Therefore, be cautious of what you say, especially about where you live, bank details, your job, and so on. You are meeting this person for the first time, and you are not sure of their intentions. To be on the safe side, change the subject and talk about other things.


Watch Your Drink

People sometimes get drugged on their first dates, and you might be the next one. Pay attention to what the bartender is giving you and make sure nothing suspicious is added to your drink. Get your own drinks and avoid getting them from your date. Do this on the first date since you barely know the person, and when you fully know them, you can relax this practice. Also, do not get drunk on the first night. Trust us, you do not want to be drunk with a person you do not know. You never know their intentions. Also, getting drunk might turn off your partner, leading to a disappointing night out.

Trust Gut Feelings

Sometimes, your instincts can save you from a lot of harm. When you are traveling to a new place and meeting someone for the first time, always trust your instincts. If you feel someone is too suspicious or they are just making you feel uneasy, find an excuse and leave immediately. You never know what their intentions are. There have been reported cases of people disappearing on their first dates, and obviously, you do not want to be the next in line.


Know the Location of the Authorities

You are in a new place, and you never know what might happen on your date. This is why you always need to check the authorities’ location in every area you visit. Also, be aware of your embassy’s location just in case things go astray. When you arrive at your desired location, you can always ask around. For example, you can always ask for directions from the hotel staff where you are staying or from the locals around you.

Notify Someone Else of Your Plans

This is a very important tip to always know. If you are traveling with your friends, let them know when you are going out with your date, the location where you will be meeting, and the time you will be coming back. If you are a solo traveler, always inform the hotel desk of your plans and the time you will be coming back. This will help them with the investigation if something goes wrong or if you do not arrive at the specified time. Also, this will help you feel at ease on the date, since you will be aware that someone knows exactly where you are.


Have a Date at an Open Place

Never plan a date at a remote location, no matter how romantic or special that place is. Instead, plan to meet at an open place. Let’s say at a fancy restaurant in the city where you see many people or at a movie theater. It should simply be a place where you feel you can always get help if something goes wrong or a place that will limit your date from acting strange. You can also use help from in order to get some new dating partners or even find some escorts there.

Learn a Few Phrases

If you are visiting a new place, knowing a little bit of the local language will help you converse with the locals. In this situation, important phrases like “I need help!” should be memorized in case the date goes sour and you truly require assistance. You can even write down a few sentences and keep them in your wallet or purse to help you remember them.



Dating while traveling is a great way to learn more about people as you enjoy new surroundings. Despite all of the fascinating details, you should constantly be mindful of the potential for harm and take the necessary precautions to prevent search circumstances. To be updated, review the above article and get to know the important facts for a successful date.

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