What Documents Do You Need to Apply for an L1 Visa?

The United States represents one of the most popular countries for immigration and starting a new life there. However, they have a strict immigration policy, and it is not so easy to get papers and become able to travel and work there. Also, the country of residence represents a very important factor as well, and there are certain levels in terms of how hard it can be to get any type of visa for the US.

Since they require certain guarantees, people who are planning to work in this country have to apply for an L 1 Visa. However, you cannot do that by yourself. Some citizens in the US will have to file a special form as your guarantee. You should get more information and learn all the important things related to this type of visa.

There are different types of L1-form, and you can apply as a worker or a business owner. Dealing with the whole process will require a lot of time and effort. Also, you should pay attention to requirements since one mistake can lead to rejection in the embassy. The most important thing is to collect all of the necessary documentation. We are going to present to you all the important papers that you must have.


Main Features of This Visa

There are different categories related to the model. The category-1 is for people who are planning to work for a determined period. Also, there are some differences according to the countess of people who is seeking this visa. For example, workers from India can get it for five years, while people from Iran are limited to only three months. The main importance of this document is related to the fact that there are many companies from the United States with offices in other countries. Also, owners of companies in other countries can use this form to open an office in the US.

When it comes to categories, there is a basic divide between A and B, where A is reserved for leading positions, and these people can get the approval to stay for seven years. After that period, they must work outside of the US to be eligible to expand the duration to another seven years. The B category is for experts and highly educated people who are hired by some American companies. They can get up to five years.

Source: Drummond Advisors


When it comes to special demands, the company that is planning to hire a worker from abroad will have to sign a form as proof of connection with a person who is seeking the visa. Also, they must provide that person with an office or other working environment. Besides that, the company will have to prove that they are working outside of the US.

For the A-category, the workers must have at least three years of experience in the same company, and to be in a leading position like a manager or a member of the executive board. Furthermore, both worker and business owner must provide a guarantee that the person is not planning to stay in the country for good. The rules for B-category are even more strict, while the worker needs only one year of experience.

Source: Stelmakh & Associates, LLC

Process of Application

We already mentioned the special form that must be signed by the business owner who wants to bring a new worker to the country. Also, it is crucial to collect all of the necessary documents and file additional forms. The worker will have to visit the embassy and file a form for a non-immigrant application. That is very important to know when you are at the interview in the embassy.

The applicant will have to explain his intention of traveling to the US and provide proof that he is not planning to start living in this country, get married there, and start a family. The United States has issues with too many immigrants, which is the main reason why they have such strict regulations.

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Necessary Documents

As we already said, making only one mistake could cause a rejection in the embassy, which will make it even harder to apply another time. Therefore, be sure to check what papers you need for this application. If you are planning to work in a company based in the US, that company will have to provide papers like stock certificates, financial reports, licenses, business plans, and to explain the reason why they need you in the US branch of their business. Also, the worker will have to collect papers like proofs of connection with a particular business, identification, and more.

When it comes to the technical part of the process, you will have to file an appointment letter for the interview, confirmation document, fee bill, passport, resume, two photos, a copy of the guarantee, and the approval notice. Furthermore, for those who are planning to open a business, the owner will need details of bank account, stock certificates, full business plan, and more.

You should know that there are some chances for rejection. In that case, you will need to determine what is causing you to not get approved for a visa. For example, that can be related to a lack of papers that will guarantee that you are not planning to stay in the US for longer than the limited period.

Also, you can expect a conversation with the counselor, who will try to get all details about your profession, connections with a certain company there, your intentions after getting this visa, and more. If he concludes that you are indeed planning to work there only for a limited time and then get back to your state, there should not be any issues with the acceptance of your application.

Source: The American Bazaar

Last Words

Applying for a visa of any kind is often a complex process, and the best way to avoid issues is to learn every detail of the application and requirements to avoid mistakes and additional struggles. When you prepare everything on time, you can save a lot of time and avoid stressful situations.

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