Top 8 Fun Things To Do On A Trampoline

We can all agree that kids are oftentimes over-energetic. Adults cannot understand where they get all the energy for running around and jumping up and down. So, they look for a method that can exhaust their kids while ensuring they are having fun.

Let’s be honest. Is there a kid in this world that wouldn’t want to have a trampoline in their backyard? Yes, we don’t think so either. But now, there is another question. Do you really know how to have trampoline fun? We suggest you familiarize yourself with 8 fun things to do on a trampoline alone and with a group of friends.

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1. Bouncing Air Catch

If you are looking for fun trampoline ideas on how to spend time with your child outside, you should try out this activity. All you will need is a ball and a bit of skill. How to play it? Well, it is very easy. The kid stands in the middle of the trampoline, while a parent, or someone else, stands outside of it. Then, this person throws the ball as high as they can, and the player inside has to jump at the right moment to catch the ball while in the air. Players can then switch positions, and each time they catch the ball, they get one point.

2. Trampoline Whispers

This is a fun, modern spin of a traditional game we all love. Since it can include as many players as you want, this activity can be great for birthday parties. One player starts the game by doing something funny or performing a trick. Then the second one has the repeat the same movements and at the end, add some of its one. The entire process is continued until one of the kids makes a mistake. If they cannot repeat all the performances, they are eliminated from the game. Naturally, the winner is that final player standing.

What’s more, when it comes to this activity, you can take the trampoline fun to the next level. That’s right. You can play it in your pool. Naturally, you will have to find the best water trampoline, and you can click here to investigate some of your options.

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3. Bubble Arena

This activity may not be a super fun trampoline game for older kids, but toddlers always have a blast. Sit at one corner of the trampoline and start blowing the bubbles. The toddler’s task is to pop as many as they can. For more guaranteed fun, you should reverse the roles and have them blow the bubbles. When compared to the others, we cannot say that this is a traditional game since people aren’t competing with each other. Instead, think of it as an enjoyable activity and opportunity to spend time with your young one, making them laugh.

4. Trampoline Twister

Generations of people grew up playing this game with their friends, and now it is the time to introduce your kids to it. First of all, you will need a jump mat. The rules are the same ones you already know. Two players stand inside the enclosure while the third one is on the outside, acting as referee giving out commands. Players have to follow those instructions, and the winner is the last man standing, quite literally.

Now that we have introduced you to some games that your kids will adore let us tell you about some activities that you can engage in. Don’t forget that adults can enjoy it, even though the children think that trampoline is a great gift for them.

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5. Have a picnic

You are probably aware of this, but generally speaking, the fondest memories we have of our childhood are the moments we spent with our family. Surely we remember trips and fun activities, but we also adore the memories of the time we just enjoyed with our parents and siblings.

Yes, a trampoline is all about jumping around and having fun, but why not take it a step further and have weekly picnics there? It will be a completely new occurrence for your kids, who will enjoy every moment of it. Plus, cleaning after a meal has never been easier.

6. Do yoga

If you do yoga regularly at home, surely your kids have tried to mimic your moves and poses. Well, guess what? Doing it on a trampoline will be a new experience for everyone involved. The session will be more challenging for you, and you can always include a bit of entertainment for your young ones. Challenge them to see how long they can stand on one long and keep their balance without falling while trying to imitate one pose. Basically, you can turn every activity into a fun game. Naturally, this is something you can do even if you have a small trampoline inside your home.

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7. Water Balloon Fight

Is there something that people enjoy more than a balloon fight? Yes, we are talking both about children and adults. Create a new spin of this summertime activity and make the best memories with your family. You can place several balloons all over the trampoline and have your kids jump around. The balloons will bounce up and pop in the air or on the hand, give everyone a bucket of water balloons, and have the old-fashioned fight.

8. Camp outside

Besides all the above-mentioned games, you can also have a camping outing right in your backyard. This is perfect, especially if your kids aren’t very outdoorsy, meaning that they don’t like bugs and other insects. You can build an entire fort out of pillows and blankets and arrange their favorite stuffed animals on the trampoline. On the contrary, you can go with traditional sleeping bags. Make a meal or snack, and enjoy the night outside with your loved ones.

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Try something even more fun – take your kids on a fun vacation

Family fun moments actually do not have to be only in your backyard. More precisely, you can gather your family and take them on a fun trip and plan some big vacations to make your kids happy and to surprise them. Enjoying the trampoline excitement is something great definitely, but your kids will be much more excited when they hear you are taking them to Myrtle Beach, SC where they can explore so many different adventures such as swimming in the sea, going on a dolphin course, having fun at a water park and many others. Best of all, by indulging yourself as a grown-up in these types of activities, you have a chance to feel like a child all over again. Have fun with your family by trying something completely new. There are plenty of ideas of what you can try that you can find on Vacations Made Easy.

Wrapping up

All in all, as you can see, you can never run out of fun things to do on a trampoline. If you are thinking about getting one, our advice is to go for it. Your kids will spend endless hours having fun outside, and you can always join them. Naturally, you can always go and get a small one to put into their playroom if your backyard isn’t big enough.

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