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Are Bitcoin Casinos the Future of Online Gambling

Online casinos have been around for a while now, much longer than cryptocurrencies. The first establishment of the sort was founded back in 1996. Since then it went hand in hand with the development of the internet and modern technology reaping benefits of both. In the last quarter of a century, the web-based casinos have evolved in each way possible capturing the attention of players with not only new and improved games but with the design of the websites too. When it came to every person owning a smartphone, casinos followed suit and the first apps for gambling came our way. Now that we have the expansion of cryptocurrencies, it’s no wonder everyone is asking are Bitcoin casinos the future of online gambling? We’ll try to give our unbiased opinion on the subject in this article, so if this is what you want to know, please stick around.

Considering what we said in the paragraph above and how online casinos managed to follow each and every development we can expect something similar to happen regarding them and Bitcoin. But, when will this happen, and how far will it take the online gambling and the crypto involved remains to be seen. The future without a doubt holds the partnership between the two, and below you have an out view of the situation at hand. First, let’s see how they work.

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How do BTC Casinos Operate?

While people who have little knowledge of cryptocurrencies believe there’s something mystical happening, in fact, there’s nothing out of the ordinary. BTC is not some currency from a sci-fi TV show such as Beskar in The Mandalorian. Online casinos that take payments in this crypto are no different than your standard web gambling place. If you ever pay a visit to one, you’ll see that the differences are minor to none at all. This stands until we reach the payment methods. BTC casino stands out from the rest of the bunch because they only accept deposits in one particular currency – Bitcoin. While this might seem like a crippling condition to become a player, it isn’t, especially if the situation regarding cryptocurrencies continues to evolve the way it did so far. So, what they have separates them from other similar casinos. For one, we have welcome bonuses.

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What About BTC Casino Welcome Bonuses?

Yes, we know most casinos have them. It attracts the players in the first place. But what if we would tell you that everything you knew about the casino bonuses was a lie. You sense that Matrix vibe, don’t you? But still, we’re far from being in a sci-fi surrounding. BTC casinos know that they heavy competition to face, so they have pushed the boundaries of a welcome bonus even further. The casinos that use crypto offering up to 100% bonus for your welcome based on the deposit you enter with, are found more often than not. Of course, there are rules, conditions, and clauses involved before you can withdraw any of the funds, but this is also something you’ll encounter in most web-based casinos. But, starting by doubling the amount you were already prepared to spend is not a bad thing per se.

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Anonymity Matters to Most Players

You can never be too safe when online. When it comes to gambling, safety precaution is merited. In the world we are living in, people are ignoring their online safety and security while they shouldn’t. Privacy matters, but not at the cost of making fake accounts, and giving out false data which can get you permanently banned from some platforms. While you’ll need to open an account tied to your name, there are also benefits other casinos do not offer. When it comes to payments, the deposit, and stuff you’ll need to leave your bank data, which is something most people hate about online gambling. So you now probably see where the BTC draws its advantage. As you probably know all data regarded to your e-wallet are anonymous and no one can trace the payments back to you. So, when paying with this crypto and withdrawing funds also in BTC you’ll leave no trace leading to your bank account. If you are already eager to try out some of the best BTC casinos please pay a visit to and start your journey.

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Get Things Done Faster

Time is money, as the old saying would suggest. Of course, our past has proven that this saying is true. You could argue otherwise, but we’ll stick to it. The one thing with time, money, and online casinos is that once you win something and are eager to make a withdrawal, you want it to happen right away. There’s nothing worse than having your money stuck in limbo between an online casino and your bank account. Many casinos that operate with fiat currencies have this issue. Once you switch to a BTC casino, you’ll notice that all deposits and withdrawals are instant. This is one of the best traits of cryptocurrencies in general; the speed at which the transactions happen. BTC casinos have taken advantage of this, and many players are super satisfied with the speed of transactions. The one drawback is the fact that many casinos in exchange for instant payouts and withdrawals ask you to renounce your welcome bonuses. Fair trade in our opinion.

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Bottom Line

Bitcoin is here to stay. As we said, online casinos are very adept at following trends, and they did the same regarding cryptocurrencies. Considering that even Forbes is predicting that BTC is only going to grow in the years to come, there’s no reason why web-based casinos wouldn’t have taken advantage of it. If you have read our article carefully, you probably have noticed that the players also reap benefits from gambling in casinos that operate only with cryptocurrency. The way things stand now we could argue that a new era of gambling is upon us. Gambling carries risk on its own, and adding BTC into the mix can only lead to more exciting considering the volatility of this cryptocurrency.

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