How to Successfully Analyze Football Matches Before Betting

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Many bettors will say they understand the football matches and can predict their performance, so they can guess the result at the end. According to some of them, a successful bettor has to analyze the teams, their overall performance since their beginnings, or even analyzing how they play at home, or as guests, and many other things that may or may not influence the final result. The odds are calculated by the bookmakers and placed in the book, but the bettors are those who will take the one they think it’s correct, and put it on the ticket.

There is no strategy that tells exactly what to do, but surely one can read more on the Internet, learn about the club’s history, their performance over the years, analyzing the data, and creating a winning ticket. It’s not that difficult and complicated as it sounds, but it surely may take hours, or even days of reading, and trying if your predictions work, by placing test bets and then adapting your guesses to that result. But, can you beat the bookmakers? Can you, anyhow, predict the odds better than them? Surely sometimes some matches finish in surprising ways, no one ever expected.

So, is there any effective way to analyze the teams and matches, and then come to some conclusion? Let’s see:

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1. Track the team performance

You can choose your favorite team, a bunch of teams, or a whole league, and see how they perform over time. You can even start from the first days of the team, track the changes, the new players, the weather conditions, the trainer can have a big influence too on their results, and write down everything you think is important for the analysis.

2. Read a lot of content related to the topic

You can start with to have an image of how these things are done. On websites like this, you can learn how to smartly choose the matches to put on your ticket and be confident with your choice. Also, you can find pre-ready tips from the experienced bettors, and use them as a leading point when creating your own tips. You can find the best daily odds and see if your predictions match with them.

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3. How many matches you plan to put on your ticket?

Some inexperienced bettors will make long tickets with 20-30 matches, trying to improve their chances to win. But, the truth is that you have to choose a few football matches and focus on them, explore the possibilities, and see if you are able to put them on the winning ticket. Focus on quality, choose the tips smartly, research the team’s past, their results through some similar period previous years, and then put your tip.

4. Don’t expect to be an expert

No matter how much you read and trying to learn more about the competitions, sometimes things take an unpredictable turn. Our suggestion is not to put too much effort into analyzing the matches, but try to trust your guts, combined with the odds, and see what you will do.

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5. The statistics

When betting and gambling, everything is around the statistics. But, analyzing it can be pretty confusing, because no one is able to remember that amount of data. In this case, we will also suggest focusing on a few teams and their performance, and choose a few of the top matches today to bet on. As you gain more experience, you will be able to combine better tickets and improve your strategy, based on the club’s history and their best performance in the past.

6. Ask the people around you for opinion

You don’t have to go straight ahead with the question about their guess, but you can have a casual conversation with other football and betting enthusiasts. Sometimes, we can learn more from other people, than from books. Don’t underestimate the power of those who know when and how to risk, because these people rarely lose.

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7. Is there any team chemistry?

Sometimes, the players can play like they are synced by some machine, and have an exceptional strategy how to win a game. But, we all know that they are moving from one club to another, and the team chemistry sometimes can be ruined. Usually, this won’t affect the game much, because they are all professionals, but there are cases when the new player can ruin the whole relationship among the team members. Also, those who leave may find a better team and salary, but it may take a few months for everyone to adapt to the new situation. This isn’t a crucial factor, but don’t oversee it when betting on a football team.

8. Is the match important or not

Sometimes, the importance of the match is crucial in creating a successful ticket, that will bring you some prize. Less important matches aren’t crucial for the league, even though there can be some exceptions when their result can make a difference in the end. Anyway, focus on the premium games and teams, but never fail to support the smaller ones.

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9. Skip checking the odds

One of the best ways to place a good bet is not to look at the odds the bookmakers provided. They can be the opposite of your predictions and can lead you to bet on something you didn’t intend to do. In fact, the greater the difference between their odds and your own the better. You can even use a tool like a kelly criterion calculator to calculate this difference and base your bet stake on it. See

10. Social media can help too

Follow the teams, but also join some groups and communities dedicated to football betting. Usually, interesting facts and information are published there, and even if it doesn’t seem like something that can change your mind, it can help you improve your betting performance. Sometimes, other people’s experiences can bring more benefit than learning things by ourselves.

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As you can see, there are many ways that can be helpful to analyze the match, but none of them will ever tell you the result – because no one knows it. The fixtures are still present in some leagues but don’t hold to them, just like you shouldn’t hold to the tips some self-proclaimed expert tells you (and that’s an issue we will deal with some other time).

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