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6 Ways to Know if Your Sports Betting App Is Safe to Use


Sports betting is a form of gambling, and usually, the same rules and tips are the same. Today, we will focus on the mobile apps you are using for this purpose. Having the books and quotes in your hands is one of the things every bettor prefers. Others say that they will still visit the bookies, even though they already have the app, because they want to feel the energy from watching the match live, together with the other people there.

When you install apps on your phone, you need to be sure it’s safe and secure, without any risk for malware or malicious software installed on your device, without you even being aware of it. Online betting is a big thing today, and services like are proof of it. Almost every reliable online bookie has an app, so those who prefer to use their smartphone can easily do that. But, there is always some risk around, and no matter how hard you try, you may always get caught in some scam network, and lose some money (less or more).

Experienced people already know how to recognize if the app is legit, and how to stay safe on the internet. But, there are many people who think they can install everything on their phone without any consequences for their security.

In this article, we will try to help you with this big issue, so we can together prevent situations we don’t want to cope with. So, let’s talk a little more about these betting apps and the way you use them.

1. Always check if it’s compatible with the website


Usually, websites provide a direct link to download their app, so you can know you won’t do that with some suspicious app with a similar name and logo. Also, make sure you check the current license, the promotional content for their app, all your options for deposit and withdrawal, all the potential expenses included, monthly fees, and access to the customer care email or live chat. Before you download it on your smart device, check the rating and read the reviews. The real users are more valuable than any article written about it, so make sure you pay attention to the reviews and people’s experiences with the app. After you are sure everything is fine and the link works well, you can proceed to register on the service and start betting immediately.

2. Be aware of the most common scams

Sometimes, the things are too obvious, you can’t even ignore them. But, if the ad says you will get a bonus a few times bigger than the deposit, or that they have a predictor to tell you the outcome – stop immediately and don’t fall for that. Don’t install anything on your phone that is not advertised on the website. Simply, don’t do that, because there is no way to predict something that is completely random. Also, don’t fall for the promotors who will send you different charts that should help you predict the result of the game. Even though it seems like it’s completely possible, no bookie will do that for anyone.

3. Recognize the red flags


In-app purchases exist, but you only need the option to pay for the ticket, and nothing else. If the app offers some deals to win more money, bonuses, or predicting the result of the sport, you should give up on it immediately. Also, if it asks for more money so you can access some premium features, you absolutely shouldn’t do that. If you see that some money is missing, and the bank records show an unknown transaction, then it’s probably your app. Don’t subscribe to anything that seems suspicious. If you aren’t sure about some online betting website and their app, then don’t use them.

4. Find the best-rated apps

Rating is important, especially when it comes to these specific services, so you should look for high-rated applications. On the internet, you can find hundreds of articles on what are the best online betting apps right now or similar topics. That’s the only way you can be sure that you will not do any harm to your mobile device, nor that you will be deceived in any way.

5. Reliable payouts and secure connection


Payouts should be regular, simple, and easy to understand for every user. If it seems too complicated, probably it’s a scam to trick you into thinking you did something completely wrong. All of the reliable services offer easy money transfer through a secure connection between the provider and your account. If the app is asking for a lot of verification documents and makes you answer some questions, then you should ask yourself if things are getting suspicious. When it comes to payouts, they must be easy and cover more than one option, so the client can choose their favorite way.

6. Be aware of the risks

Scammers are predators on the internet, and they can’t wait for someone to fall for their sugary stories about big bonuses and VIP features you need to pay for. But, what’s behind them? In many cases, they will install viruses on your phone, steal your rewards, or your identity, especially if you provide much information about yourself. They can also rig the game, so you won’t ever be able to win, forcing you to put more money to bet.

Responsible sports betting must be your priority. No matter how you bet, try to make sure the application or service is legitimate, legal, and regulated by law. Learn more about the laws in your country so you can know how to use these applications. Betting must be controlled by yourself and your actions, and it depends only on your responsible online behavior.


So, before you put your money on some app you just downloaded, check the background and ratings, so you won’t end up spending them on anything suspicious. Make sure you use only reliable services, that provide client protection and promote a healthy betting environment.

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