Secrets to Betting in-play on Sports

The way we gamble on our favourite sports is changing. You can now bet on football, boxing, tennis, horse racing, golf and more from the comfort of your own home—no need to visit a Las Vegas sports betting site or casino. Simply log in, deposit cash electronically, pick your bets and wager. It’s as easy as that.

It’s not just how we bet on sports that are different from just a decade ago, but when we bet on sports. In days gone by, if you missed the kick-off for whatever reason, you lost your chance to bet on the result. It was a few minutes late for the start of an NFL game or a big soccer rivalry, and it was hard luck.

Thanks to in-play betting that cruelty is very much a thing of the past. Live betting on allows you to gamble on your chosen teams, fighters, racers or athletes at any point of the contest. What’s more, in-play betting can improve your chances of winning cash and beating the bookies. In this article, we pick the brains of a sports betting expert who explains how you can use the live betting markets to pull in profits.

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Calm your jets – there’s no rush

Most bettors have become accustomed to placing their wagers before the start of a match. It’s just the ‘done thing’ in the industry, or, at least, it used to be. Modern, profitable bettors know different. Let’s take a soccer match as our example here.

You can back a team to win a match before kick-off, and you are gambling on more than one element of the fixture. As well as betting on your chosen team to win you are also gambling on the manager playing the strangest starting line-up, the players all being fit and in the mood for a big performance. You are also hoping your pick’s tactics are to attack and score goals rather than play for a draw, keeping things tight.

When betting in-play on football, however, you remove most of those gambles. Watch the opening exchanges of the match, and you’ll know the line-up, you’ll see the formation – attacking or defensive – and you’ll get a feel for the mood of the players.

You can then make predictions on the winner with a lot more information than was available to bettors who rushed things. The odds shouldn’t change too much either. If the match remains 0-0, the in-play betting odds on most markets will be similar to pre-match betting.

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Watch closely – look for the value

Another positive of in-play betting is the ability to react to the match. Watch closely and remain on the lookout for value or any apparent patterns. Is a player threatening to score with a few early chances? Back them to score the next goal. Is a game defensive with both teams sitting back? Take the under 2.5 goals. Does a player look likely to lose their temper? Wager on them to be red-carded.

It’s not just soccer you can bet in-play on either. This logic can be applied to most popular sports, and boxing is a great example of how you can react to events. Let’s use a 12 round world heavyweight championship fight as our example for this one.

A bout can change in a second, so you must be ready to seize control at any minute. Perhaps the betting favourite has built up a big points lead but has just suffered a nasty looking cut. Act fast and bet on the opponent to win by KO/TKO at great odds. Suppose both fighters are going all-out attack, trading big shots in the middle of the ring—bet in-play on the fight not lasting the 12 rounds distance.

Fastest finger first – be ready

With in-play betting, you are involved in a battle of wits with the online betting trader. You are constantly looking for clues from the action and aiming to get your bets on before they notice. A successful in-play bet is one made before the odds change or the market suspends.

That’s why it’s great to watch your favourite sports on a betting site’s live streaming tab. As well as an HD quality stream, there are also all available in-play betting odds at the click of a button, ready when you are.

Greed leads to loss- be selective

Live betting is appealing because of the abundance of choices it provides. There is no sport, league or event we can’t bet on and it comes with all sorts of wagers to choose from. So, the possibility to make profits is plenty.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to be selective. Placing too many bets can be risky and is more likely to result in losing money faster. Making smart decisions when you’re making a lot of bets is not a simple task. It is much easier to focus on finding legitimately good opportunities.

Betting on a tennis tournament, for example, is practical. Since the same players usually participate in all of the games, keeping track of them shouldn’t be too difficult. Soccer, however, is a whole other story. There are far too many championships and leagues to follow. Similarly, each NFL game has dozens of betting options, but that doesn’t mean you have to put dozens of bets. Again, it is preferable to seek out the best prospects.


The right platform is everything- choose carefully

When you’re betting in-game, bets come at you at breakneck speed. Lines are constantly shifting, and new openings emerge and disappear at the drop of a hat. As a result, you will need all the information you can get to see these improvements so you can easily assess them and determine whether there’s value to be found.

You should look for speed on the site you choose. The lines will be updated in real-time, and they will not wait for the site to load. Even when the site generates its own lines, they will not wait for themselves if the server is slow.

Before you start live betting, do some research and find a site with a user-friendly interface. Don’t settle for second-rate because it will cost you money while you’re in the middle of a gamble.

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Don’t lose sight- watch the entire game

It may come as a surprise that many bettors usually don’t follow the game they are betting their money on. If you are betting on a sport live, make sure you are watching the entire match. You never know when you’ll catch any little detail that will give you an edge over the competition.

Since they have multiple bets going elsewhere, most people fall into the habit of not watching the whole game. If you want to bet on a lot of sports, put your bets on those first, and then gamble live on one or two games at most. Put the game on your TV to focus on, and then just keep an eye on the scores for your other wagers.

Source: Australian Institute of Family Studies


Even if your ultimate intention is to make money, sports betting should still be enjoyable. By taking regular breaks, you can prevent in-play sports betting from becoming a hassle. This will make things more fun, and returning with a clearer head will aid in making good decisions.

Live betting is a fascinating way of gambling made possible by remarkable technological advances. You can be very good at live betting if you’re a sharp bettor who understands how to evaluate games and sense the momentum.

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