Why play Virtual Sports?

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Virtual Sports are fun, with realistic gameplay, and their main asset is availability. On most platforms, you can try them all day, all week, which offers more frequent betting options. A “key” factor for the friends of “VS” is the zero waiting time (90 sec) but also their duration, which in most cases doesn’t exceed three minutes. The high definition live broadcast of the games sufficiently completes together with the above the answer to the question, “Why play Virtual Sports?”

To play Virtual Sports, all you need is an account on a betting platform where you can choose from The process is simple, and as long as the player clicks on the corresponding field with the Virtual Sports, that will take him to the program of the day per offered virtual sport. The next step is to choose sports, followed by betting on one or more markets. As in real sports, so in virtual. Football is the “King of sports,” followed by tennis and basketball. Horse racing and greyhound racing also have their own audience, while among the games offered are also cycling, motorsports, speedway, and chariot racing.

Virtual Football

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The Virtual Football League (VFL) is the most popular virtual football league and can be found on most platforms on Virtual Sports. The VFL consists of 16 teams, and each season a total of 30 matches are played, which are divided into the following phases: “Pre League,” “Matchday Loop,” and “Post League.” The first phase starts before the start of the season and lasts 2.5 minutes. The second phase that follows is the matches, and each match lasts 4:35 minutes. Finally, the 3rd phase lasts 60 seconds, while after the end of the season, the next one starts immediately.

Virtual Tennis

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Virtual tennis matches are available 24 hours a day on online platforms, with markets open for pre-game betting only. Specifically, in Virtual tennis, the bets offered are, “winner,” “accurate score,” “first set winner,” and “total points.” The duration of each match varies and depends on its development but does not exceed four minutes.

Virtual Horse Racing

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Virtual horse racing or Horse Racing stands out for its amazing graphics, while the race starts “on request.” Start as soon as a selection and placement of a bet is made. In terms of available markets, these are, “win-win,” “ranking-forecast,” “place-bet,” and “tricast.” Please note that bets are not accepted during the race. There are a few differences from regular horse racing.

Virtual Dog Racing

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Like virtual horse racing, virtual dog racing starts “on-demand,” with the placement of your bet, and lasts only a few seconds. Identical to those in virtual horse racing are the markets offered at Virtual Dog Racing. Specifically, the following are offered, “win bet,” “ranking bet,” “prediction bet,” and “tricast.” As in the above sports, so in dog racing, there are no live markets for betting.

Virtual Sports Tricks (Tips and Tips)

The technology, together with the use of special effects and sound in Virtual Sports, offers without a doubt a very good simulation of reality. However, it should be noted that virtual has, among other things, a very basic difference from betting on real sports. The results in Virtual Sports come from a Random Number Generator (RNG), the same type used in all casino games. Therefore, the way the statistics are read, as well as the potential head2head between the teams, is not the same as in the “real” bet.

Is it safe to bet on Virtual Sports?

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The question that concerns the majority of gamblers is whether it’s safe to bet on virtual sports since it’s all handled on a computer. The independent random number/number generator (RNG) ensures that the results of the events are obtained after various sequences of algorithms, which, however, are also based on the actual performance of the teams. The reliability of the RNG generator is examined by independent expert and certification bodies, such as eCOGRA, QUINEL, Technical Systems Testing, which provide safety and reliability certificates on the platforms that offer Virtual Sports betting. Also, you should know that RNG generators are widely used amongst online casino games like slots to prevent any kind of scam.

What software platforms are there in virtual sports?

There are more and more platforms that create software for virtual sports, with the most well-known software providers being BetRadar, EveryMatrix, SBTech, EGlobalbet, Kiron Interactive, PlayTech, and Inspired Gaming, which “supply” the online betting platforms with software for virtual sports. Software is evolving at a rapid pace, and platforms are trying to make games as realistic as possible. They copy the players’ movements, their style of play and anything else that can help them offer the maximum realistic gaming experience while constantly improving the graphics.

Why play in Virtual Sports?

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Virtual sports are extremely fun, have realistic gameplay, and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can play at any time. The high-quality Live Streaming of the games is the main asset of Virtual Sports, while another advantage is that there’s almost no waiting since the games start every 90 seconds and last a maximum of three minutes. The simplicity and ease of the games, the range of betting markets for each sport, and the provision of statistics complement the advantages of virtual sports.

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