Nissan Rogue 3rd Row Review

When choosing a vehicle for a big family or commercial private transport, it’s important to pay enough attention to its capacity. Most of the modern SUV-type of cars have flexible cargo storage that can be turned into additional seats for two or three people, depending on the model.

The Nissan Rogue edition includes a third-row adaptive seating, for an extra capacity, but still safe and secure, no matter if the seats are used, or you only use the cargo space. At the same time, no matter how it’s used, it provides the same visibility to the driver, without putting the passengers at any risk. Most of the cars that have this option, don’t provide enough comfort for the people who use the third-row seats. But, with Nissan Rogue the whole experience is different and there is nothing like not enough space or discomfort during the trip. Also, this vehicle has an attractive price, compared to all the features it offers to the owner.

On this website, you can see that not every model supports this option, and you really have to explore the topic better and do deep research, to find out which Nissan models have a third-row seat. Sometimes, they are labeled as a “family package”, and if you are sure you want a Nissan Rogue model for that, you have to look for that feature as your primary requirement.

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Which models have this feature?

Until 2017, there wasn’t that big choice. The S and SV models usually come with this feature, but Hybrid and SL Trim don’t have it. But, from 2018, they are more focused on more cargo space and better seating.

Even the recent models of 2024 and 2024 don’t have the third-row seating option, so if you really want it, then you can go for older ones, and find them for an even better price than you expected.

Let’s take the 2017 edition, as the last one that includes the third row. It’s configurator in a way to have enough space, no matter if there are five or seven passengers. Even though it seems like too many people in one vehicle, the truth is that they can be comfortable while traveling, except the tall people, who can choose to sit in regular seats, instead of the third row.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The main quality of the Nissan Rogue 3rd Seat edition is that it’s compact and excellent for big families. Also, there will be some price difference between the regular and family model, but it’s around $1,000 or less, knowing that the “newest” model with that feature is “only” 4 years old. But, the additional capacity is worth it, especially if you have two or three kids (or more), and you have to pack a lot of things when traveling or going on vacation altogether. But, if seven people are in, the cargo space is getting smaller, so you have to balance, depending on the requirements.

Sometimes, it’s better to split and travel with two vehicles, instead of putting the whole family in one, so you can easily pack the luggage too. Many people think the third seats aren’t something that we must have, but the big families think it’s a great deal for an affordable price. Some people say it’s a better option when used with kids, because, for grown-ups, there is a lack of legroom, since the second row should be pushed near the first, in order for those in the third one to be as much comfortable as they can. There are even those who complain that this type of organizing doesn’t give enough space for the spare tire.

Among the Nissan models that have this feature are Pathfinder and Armada, and they are great for every potential buyer who has to invest in a vehicle with additional space for sitting, or for the travelers that prefer camping, and taking large luggage with them when going on a vacation.

The best feature is the foldable option, so when fewer people are in the car, the third row can be easily turned into cargo space. This is better than the fixed seats, which shorten the cargo configuration.

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The overall interior design for Nissan Rogue

This is a reputable brand with plenty of loyal users and customers, who are choosing it because of the comfortable seating, great air vents, and enough space for everyone, no matter how many people are in there. The front doors are big enough, giving extra comfort for the first-row passengers. All the seats are ergonomic, even those in the third row. Nissan is also popular for the attractive design of their vehicles. When the 3rd row is folded, there is enough space to pack a whole wardrobe there.

It’s also ranked as a safe car, according to the 4-star Overall crash rating, performed by the NHTSA. The whole design is dedicated to passenger’s safety, especially the driver’s, because all the potential blind spots are fixed, and there is enough lighting provided through the windows.

In the past, many users reported tiny issues with the 2013 model, but as the years went by, all of them were resolved, and there is no problem with the transmission, acceleration, or other electrical issues. In general, we can say that the 2017 Nissan Rogue with third-row seats is the economic solution when it comes to fuel, and gives enough space for both the travelers and luggage. Some people report that the performance is not exceptional, but it comes with a great price for those features, and it will surely take from one place to another without any problem.

The general impression is that the models from 2014 and 2019 were the best in this edition, so you have a wide period to choose from, knowing that the third-row seats are available until 2017.

Bonus advice: If you buy a used car, go to see it first, and take someone who understands the vehicles better than you. Take it to a technical checkup before you invest your money because you really want the best for you, your family, and of course, the money you are planning to spend.

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