What Are The Odds Of Marrying Someone You Met Online?


The expansion of social networks completely changed the way how people are communicating. The main benefit is that you can stay in touch with someone even if you live in another country. Also, you will have a chance to meet a lot of new people on these platforms. Besides the standard social networks that are great for communication and sharing various content, there are also websites specialized for finding a potential partner.

There are many dating apps available these days as well, and they are getting more common for people when they are interested in finding a partner. The first types of it started during the 90s. However, the improvement of technology and the internet led to the development of modern platforms that can connect people from all over the world. If you are looking for the right dating site, it is important to choose one that is reliable, legit, and popular. In that matter, visit Sofiadate.

Moreover, the problem with dating sites is that you can never be sure about what the other side is looking for. Some people will only create a profile to chat and research the possibilities, while never being quite interested in meeting someone in public. Also, there are those who are looking only for one-night stands. Therefore, finding someone interested in something more serious can be complicated. However, there is a chance for that as well.


What Does the Statistic Say?

People are getting used to various dating sites as a common way of meeting new people. While there are some downsides in terms of not knowing what the other person is looking for or is it honest about the self-representation, the good thing is that a lot of these platforms provide various features that can improve the way of communication, such as the ability to send videos and photos, and use video call. Also, you can use filters to choose from different categories related to location, age, or some personal characteristics. This can make the search much better.

That is the main reason why the statistic is very good when it comes to the number of people that are getting married after meeting each other online. The key is to know what you are looking for and avoid those who are only looking for short-term entertainment. In that matter, your odds of marrying someone that you meet online are high only if you know where to look for potential partners.

You will have to be honest as well. The point is to provide some information about yourself, favorite activities, job, and other features, and look for those interested in similar activities. There is interesting research from the US that says that more than 15% of marriages these days are people who met each other online.

One of the things that can keep people happy for a long time is when they are interested in the same or similar things. The problem with people that you are meeting in public is that there is always one side that will have to adapt more or less. That can be a problem since adaptation to your partner’s needs and views is only possible to a certain point. This problem can be avoided on online platforms since you will share your preferences, plans, activities, and many other things. Therefore, finding the right person is much easier.

However, there are some negative stats related to marriages where people met online. First of all, we have to mention that the percentage of divorced people who met online is much higher when compared to the traditional way. The rate is over 10%, while it is only 2% for those who met in public and then started the relationship. The divorce rate is very high when it comes to marriages that last for a longer time, and that is related to both options. However, it seems that couples who met online have more chances of setting apart.


Benefits of Using Dating Apps?

The best way to understand the advantages is to check how many people started using these platforms in recent years. The pandemic was the period when even those who claimed that they will never use online dating platforms started using one. Also, that was the only way of meeting new people since everything was closed.

Another reason for such a high popularity is simplicity. All you need to do is to create a profile, add a simple introduction, a couple of pictures, and you can start meeting a lot of random people. It is all up to you when it comes to using these apps. You will have the flexibility of choosing between having a little fun by chatting with a lot of people, you can look for an easy one-night stand, or look for something more serious.

The main benefit is that it is a great way to help people who simply don’t hang out so much, don’t visit bars, clubs, and various events. Also, the lack of confidence can be a serious issue when it comes to finding the partner. Using online dating sites can help people improve their self-esteem.


Last Words

Meeting the right person for marriage by using online dating platforms is not simple. However, that is not simple in the traditional way as well. Therefore, forcing the plan to find a marriage partner from the start is not the best solution. You should be more relaxed and open-minded. The key is to use the main benefits of these apps, which is the simplicity of meeting a lot of new people. That significantly increases your chances of finding a partner that share the same views and that is most suitable.

People are getting used to online dating sites as a modern way of meeting new people. Therefore, it is providing the same chance of getting married like it is with the traditional method. Some people find it easier, while there are still those interested only in typical dating. Therefore, it is all up to your preferences.

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