5 Legal Things You Must Do Before You File for a Divorce


According to numerous studies, four of the ten most stressful events in life are related to marriage. Namely, these are marriage, marriage separation, marriage reconciliation, and of course divorce.

As you can see, marriage in modern society has become, so to speak, one of the main sources of stress. According to statistics, marriages these days do not last too long and do not fit in “until death do us part” in the least. On average, a man and a woman live in a marital union for only 11 years, if we look at the global level.

In essence, getting married is stressful in itself. If divorce occurs, then it all starts and ends with stress (in different ways).

Speaking of divorce (which is high on the stress scale), have you ever considered what to do when love (or maybe something else) disappears? What should be on your divorce checklist?

Below, we will talk exclusively about the things that you must do before you file for divorce. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

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1. Is it really over?

Although not a legal thing, before you decide to file for divorce, the main and basic question you must ask yourself is “Is it really over?”. Marriage usually begins with emotions and passion between two people. Plans are usually made for a common future, for what the couple wants to achieve and what they want from their marriage in 5 or 10 years, for example.

Of course, there is almost no marriage without ups and downs. Therefore, if some goals are not achieved, or everything does not go exactly as planned, maybe divorce is not the solution. Simply put, marriage requires joint action, a common struggle for set goals.

If you simply discard everything you dreamed about with your partner, then it was really a waste of time. According to a 2016 survey, 22% of respondents said they regretted a divorce.

So, divorce is not a magical solution, it will not save you from unhappiness, you will probably not feel any better after that divorce, nor will you 100% find a soul mate after that.

In essence, divorce is the ultimate solution, not the necessary option in case of the slightest disagreements and problems.

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2. Find a good lawyer

If, however, the differences and problems you face in marriage are too great to simply have to divorce, then it is time to take some steps. The first good step you can take is to find a good lawyer, preferably someone who has a reputation when it comes to divorce lawsuits.

A good expert will present you with all the details, make sure that you get all your rights, as well as that the outcome of the division of joint property (if any) is the fairest.

In short, the lawyer is there to fight for you and your rights in court and for you to be satisfied with the outcome of the divorce in the end. If you are looking for legal experts, then we suggest you to check out Kabir Family Law. These people have been dealing with divorce and family legal issues for years.

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3. Repay all loans and close all bank accounts

It is a common situation that spouses establish a loan at some point in order to solve a financial issue. This seems like a great thing because together with your partner, you repay the loan for a certain period of time (usually several years).

Also, the couple usually has a joint bank account which, with the aforementioned loan, can only make you a problem in the event of a divorce. We will talk about that in more detail below.

So, if this is the case with you, the best solution is to repay all the loans, close all the joint accounts, and then file for divorce. Of course, check your credit card bills and pay them if they exist.

It is important to say that if you are not currently able to repay the entire debt, contact your creditors and make a repayment agreement or perhaps freeze your accounts. Also, make sure that you receive confirmation of the agreement and disable further use of the account so that you don’t have problems later.

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4. Credit in your own name

So, after settling the previously mentioned accounts, the best solution is to open a new bank account in your name. Before you file for divorce, open an account and get a credit card so you can proceed with your post-divorce plans without interruption.

This way you will remain completely free in terms of finances and independent of the joint account if it is not yet closed or there is a problem with that issue.

In the event of a divorce, when you want to buy something on your own, the above-mentioned joint accounts can create problems and prevent you from purchasing anything. For example, if you have to move, and you need to buy a house, you must have your own account and credit card in order to be able to provide the finances (credit) for that.

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5. Watch your behavior

As you probably know, in the case of all lawsuits, even divorce lawsuits, it is very important to stay away from troubles, violations and any legal or other problems.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to your behavior until the end of the divorce process. Anything you do can be used by the other party in a lawsuit against you and thus deprive you of some rights.

For example, if you have children with a partner, and custody is involved, it is very important that you behave and take care of your actions that you can regret later.

Bottom line

If you have carefully read the important steps you need to take before you file for a divorce, then it is certain that you can now prepare much better for what awaits you.

Certainly, the most important is step no.1, and that is to consider whether divorce is really your only solution. Talk to your partner and try to find agreement. You may not actually need any of the steps mentioned later.

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