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10 Tips for Becoming a Twitch Streamer

Are you thinking about becoming a Twitch streamer? With the viewing numbers skyrocketing right now, it’s as good a time as any to start.

It’s not always an easy thing to start streaming on Twitch. There are a lot of other streamers vying for the same fame that you hope to gather. It takes a lot of confidence and perseverance to keep going when things feel bleak.

However, with the right tips and tricks, it becomes a lot less daunting to dive into the world of streaming. That’s why we’ve collected the top tips to help you jumpstart your streaming career. Find out more down below!

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1. Invest in Good Equipment

Before you even start up your first live streaming session, you need to know that your equipment can handle it. No one will want to stick around for your streams if the quality stutters or lags.

You’ll need a high-end computer, such as the ones found on lenovo.com. If your computer can’t handle running a game on full graphics while also transmitting to the Twitch stream, it’s time for an upgrade.

Focus on computers with a top-end graphics card, fast CPU, and lots of RAM. Performance is your main concern, but you’ll also want to keep in mind the cooling and noise level of the computer. If it runs too hot and your fans kick into overdrive, it’ll create a noisy background that can be annoying to listeners.

You also want to invest in a good microphone so that your voice sounds clear and doesn’t change pitch or volume. There’s nothing more off-putting than listening to someone with a crackling or inconsistent microphone. It’ll drive off potential viewers before they give your content a fair chance.

2. Ensure Speedy Internet

In addition to your hardware, you also need a high-speed internet connection that never fails you. This helps cut down on lag and also ensures that you’ll never disappear in the middle of a successful stream.

Always use a wired connection for the best results, and splurge for something with low latency for a seamless gaming session.

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3. Keep a Consistent Schedule

It takes a lot of persistence and a little bit of luck to break through the Twitch grind. You’ll begin drawing in new viewers at a slow rate before things start getting better, but these beginning days are the most important.

If you don’t keep a consistent schedule, those viewers won’t know when to check back and hang out with you again. The hard part is getting people to come back, so don’t make the task even more difficult by having a strange schedule. If you say you’ll be streaming during a certain time, make sure you’re there to deliver!

Life happens, of course, but try not to make random cancellations a habit. Even streaming for an hour or two is better than not streaming at all. Keep up with your schedule so that people start taking the time to come back and hang out with you!

4. Use a Webcam

People want to engage with a real person when they browse channels on Twitch. The best way to entice people to watch is to use a webcam.

This gives you ample opportunity to show off your unique personality and facial expressions. They’ll witness your happiness and frustrations first-hand, which helps with the illusion that they’re experiencing the game with you.

When choosing a webcam, skip out on something cheap. Instead, invest in a camera that always delivers a crisp and clean picture. It’s also important to have a background that’s clean and doesn’t detract from your stream. You don’t want all of your chat comments to be about the things in your room.

Remember that you’re the star so make sure that the objects behind you support the overall brand you’re trying to build.

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5. Interact with Your Chat

Many people find it difficult to talk with strangers, especially when doing so on a camera. Performance anxiety isn’t something that ever goes away, but it does get easier to ignore. The more you stream, the better you’ll get at being on camera.

If you want to start a Twitch channel, you’ll need to embrace all potential conversations with everyone who visits your stream. Each one could turn into a follower or even a subscriber. The most popular Twitch streamers never stop interacting with their chat, so try to emulate this behavior.

Twitch viewers want to feel as though they’re watching a friend. They want to make a connection with other people which makes them more likely to return for future visits.

Ask them questions about their life and their opinions about the game you’re playing. Try to remember tidbits about people who return the interactions so that they know you care.

If you never acknowledge their presence, it’s impossible to make that kind of attachment and you’ll lose the chance to grow your following.

6. Include a Profile

A profile is a great way to give your new viewers a chance to know more about you. It’s perfect for answering questions and giving them a taste of what’s in store for future streams.

Make sure you present everything so that it looks professional.

Eliminate spelling or grammar mistakes. Include unique graphics to keep it from looking dull. If there’s a topic that’s important to you, give it a special section.

A profile space also a good place to put up your gaming specs and generalized information. When people ask the same question over and over again, direct them to your profile and save yourself some time!

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7. Create an Interesting Visual Experience

Twitch is all about visual media so you need to ensure that your stream keeps that in mind. Put together a HUD that shows off your personality and style while also looking clean. It’s better to go with a simplistic stream interface than to crowd too many things on the screen.

Don’t forget to add other Twitch-specific goodies.

Custom emoticons are a great way to feel like your channel is its own space. When someone donates or gives you bits, let them know you appreciate it by having a special alert. Follower and subscriber alerts help your viewers feel extra special when they join these ranks.

8. Connect with Other Streamers

When you first start streaming, it might feel as though it’s you against everyone else. However, the more you connect with other streamers, the better chance you’ll have of becoming more popular.

If you’re friends with other streamers, they’re more likely to raid your stream or recommend you to other people. They’ll host your content which helps you all to share followers.

Plus, it makes for a fun viewing experience when several streamers interact and play games together. It takes a bit of effort to create a friendship with other streamers, but it’s worth the extra work!

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9. Prepare for Toxicity

For the most part, many Twitch viewers want a fun and relaxing time. However, it’s always inevitable that some toxic people turn up as well. It’s not something that you can ever avoid, and it’s even more common if you’re a female streamer.

You’ll want to brace yourself for these kinds of situations, and cut them out of your stream as soon as possible. Remember that these people want a big reaction from you, so try not to engage no matter how much it hurts or angers you.

It’s a good idea to install a chatbot to filter out certain trigger words or harmful links before any of your other viewers have a chance to engage in that conversation. It’s better to stop this kind of behavior in its tracks before it spreads and causes arguments in your stream’s chat.

10. Stay Persistent

One of the best streaming tips to keep in mind is to keep trying. For many sessions, it may feel as though you’re performing for no one at all. This is demoralizing for a lot of people and then they stop streaming altogether.

Despite a low viewer count, you want to stay persistent. Keep to your streaming schedule and continue interacting with everyone who comes to your channel.

It takes a lot of time and effort, but at some point, all of that hard work pays off. Your community will grow one by one until you’ve found yourself a dedicated place in the Twitch world.

None of that happens if you give up within the first month or two. Keep doing your best and the right followers will find you.

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Becoming a Twitch Streamer Is Difficult and Rewarding

Not everyone can succeed at becoming a Twitch streamer. It’s an uphill battle full of challenges but it also has unlimited potential. You’ll create a whole new group of friends within your viewer base and they’ll reward your hard work.

The rewards don’t happen much in the beginning so that’s why you’ve got to develop a thick skin and keep going. Sooner or later, you’ll get your viewer count up and you’ll have a community to support you every time you stream!

Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all the latest in geek news by checking out the rest of our blog!

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