Online Casino Streams: What You Should Know

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Slot machine streamers and online casinos gather thousands of audiences on Twitch and YouTube every day. They make money from casino advertising and affiliate programs. Viewers are charged for the streamer’s excitement and success, after which they eagerly follow the advertising links. This is one of the most attractive promotion channels in the gambling niche.

Only the best casino streamers that play slots on the clashofslots sites and other similar platforms continue to air for years, gaining an audience of thousands of gambling fans. Communities are being created on social networks. Players can share feedback and achievements among themselves in dedicated chats in instant messengers. Gambling lovers find it easier to find a common language between each other.

The Most Popular Streaming Platforms

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Over the past 10 years, the online broadcasting industry (Twitch, YouTube) has been developing with giant strides. What started with vlogging and game recording platforms is now being used in completely different fields. Among other things, such sites have found active use in online gambling (poker, slots, roulette, etc.).

It would seem that there is no one interested in watching someone else spin reels in slots in an online casino or play poker. But these streams have found their audience. Thousands of people spend their precious time watching games online. They are attracted by the atmosphere of excitement, big money, and conversations with those running a show.

While most poker players record broadcasts to advertise poker rooms they represent, casino streamers are primarily interested in money. No matter what drives other people, game streaming brings a lot of money to the gambling business and all involved in it.

What Do Casino Streamers Make Money on?

There are several ways of making money from running game streams:


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It is difficult to calculate how much profit such cooperation brings since agreements with different casinos are individual for each partner and are usually kept secret. But if we talk about affiliates, then depending on the type of agreement, the streamer can receive a profit as a percentage (50% -60%) of the bankroll of the player who registered using his link (Revenue Share method). It can be either a standard amount for any deposit or a specified amount for a certain amount of the deposit. (CPA method) — $50-$400 per one depositor.

It is the casino affiliate program that brings streamers the bulk of the income from broadcasts. For example, poker affiliates can never bring to poker streamers. Also, the network often discusses the possibility that slot machines can be “tweaked” in favour of the streamer for a better effect of advertising slots, although online casinos and streamers themselves refute such rumours.


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Collecting donations in streams of casinos or slots is not the most common thing. People see how you spin the reels, win money, and they don’t want to give you their money either. Rather, they will invest it in their game at a casino. But sometimes streamers still try to collect donations and the most charismatic ones even succeed in this business.


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Most often, money is collected for a deposit in a casino. And to interest viewers, various side bonuses are offered for donation: a percentage of winnings on a stream, the ability to choose slots a streamer will play for them, voice comments on the air, and much more. In general, everything is like any other stream.

Channel Monetization on Twitch and YouTube

Popular streamers enter into partnership agreements with the platforms hosting their channels to share the income. Such cooperation brings benefits to all — a streamer, hosting platforms, and a casino. It works differently on Twitch and YouTube.

Earnings on YouTube

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On a YouTube channel, a streamer makes a profit from the number of views, clicks on links, and from some other manipulations. However, most of the profit is associated with advertising in one way or another. Its amount on the channel is determined by the user. One can insert ads every 5 minutes, put links on all corners of the screen, and start the video with a recommendation to visit a third-party resource.

Earnings on YouTube depend not only on the number and type of advertising but also on the topic of the channel and individual videos, its popularity, relevance, and the number of subscribers. The numbers range from $15 to $1,300 in monthly income on average and range from a minimum of $21 per year to a maximum of $31,000 per year.

These numbers do not reflect the internal advertising, which one can do by promoting a company/service/company, sharing a particular link in the video description. This can also be talking about the benefits of a particular thing (hidden advertising), as well as mentioning or liking a video from another channel.

Earnings on the Twitch

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Twitch works differently. Of course, like on YouTube, twitch streamers get income from advertising (about $3.5 per 1,000 ad views), but this is not the only way to make money. In addition to advertising revenue, they earn monthly income for every paid subscriber. The standard cost of such a subscription is $4.99 per person per month. 50% of this amount goes to the owner of the channel, and 50% is for Twitch.

Top Twitch streamers make thousands of dollars a month through ads and paid subscriptions. In the case of casino players, the average amounts are similar to those indicated above for YouTube and can sometimes reach impressive amounts. At the same time, do not forget that streamers can make money in parallel on both platforms, which they often do.


As you can see from the above, modern casino streams are extremely popular today. They are watched not only by fans of gambling but also by those who have never played casino games. Gambling streamers create a special show and can amaze even those who are not familiar with slot machines, poker, blackjack, etc. Anyway, online casino broadcasts bring a lot of benefits to all. Streamers make money and do the things they like. Casinos get new customers. Gamblers get to know more about their favourite games and master their gambling skills.

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