How to Meet Assignment Deadlines and Keep Up With Schedules?

Deadlines, assignments, schedules – these are all the words that plague the students everywhere. How to deal with everything and still be a good student? Can you handle it all? Well, the simple answer is yes! There is a chance to manage everything and never miss a deadline or an assignment thanks to some simple guides that we will review today.

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We are well aware of the increased obligations every student has to fulfil which is why we are turning to you to help with your problems. Today you will read what you have to do in order not to miss any schedule, assignment or school work – EVER AGAIN! These tips come well researched and from students that spend years grinding on their own as well. These tips come from several different students that have years of experience behind them from Bachelor’s degree, Masters and PhDs. All the tips come down to three essential things you need to know to be the best of the best.

Let’s start then shall we?! We know you are anxious enough!

1. Write all assignments for every term

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Doing simple things regularly is what will get you to your better results. Seems simple enough but that is how things work. As soon as you get the syllabus for every class takes some time to go through every one. This will help you get that schedule of assignment that your instructor has laid out for you. This is important and it will help you finish this better and in time. We also know that not every instructor gives due dates upfront and that is a normal thing but they will at least give you a likely time frame that you must honour. Some instructors will provide a separate schedule that is not part of the syllabus, and if you have those that do it that way, then make sure you check them out and reference that as well. We know that working with instructors that give exact dates when something is due is more than awesome, but you also have to adapt to those that have a slightly different approach. Make sure you write all those due dates somewhere where you can always get easy aces. There are plenty of online organizers like Google Sheets that will keep everything neat and tidy for you and you will be able to access it easily whenever you need to. If you are on a different platform try and find something similar to that and make sure it fits you nicely. Another important thing here is to itemize and organize each assignment according to each class you get because that way you will have far less trouble searching, browsing and time-wasting on finding something you need quickly.

2. Segment assignments into time sections

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If you want to do this correctly and do it neatly, try and review this at quarterly or weekly intervals. This will allow you to keep the medium and long-term vision of what is expecting you, but you will also have insight into what’s coming in the immediate short-term. Something that implies this as well and offers some sheets to guide you through this process is called The Student Success Journal. With sheets from there, you can organize your assignments per class for each quarter and each week. These sheets help you write down everything that will be due quarter by quarter, and if you do the math for a sixteen weeks’ semester that will be every four weeks. You also have access to a weekly sheet that will hold your weekly assignments and it looks very similar to the previous one. This will allow you to have a clear insight into what is coming up and when. What you can add to this is your opinion on the difficulty and that will help you figure out the time that each subject needs – whether it is more or less depending on your perceived difficulty of that subject.

3. Create a weekly calendar

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When you have all written down and planned you will need something to help you determine just how much time you need to complete each task. This is exactly where the least thing from point two jumps in – the difficulty opinion. The reality for most students is that some subject, classes or instructors are going to be more difficult than others. This means that not every assignment will carve out the same amount of time to be completed. Some will take more time some will take less, it all depends on your perceived difficulty of that subject, professor, etc. If you by some chance don’t manage to properly evaluate the difficulty you will find yourself in a position to miss a lot of assignment deadlines. Sometimes you will also miss out on these if you don’t properly schedule yourself enough time to complete a particular assignment, or you may even miss one in a different class because you spent way too much time with the prior one. A great help to you will be a proper mapping of your available time for each day you have available in that week.

If you follow these simple “rules” we believe you will have no problems following your due dates and your assignments. These things will allow you to have a clearer overview of the entire semester and with that addition of time prediction needed to finish everything you will be able to finely tune your time to get everything done and never miss another deadline again.

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In the end, it’s not only necessary to make this kind of schedule but it is necessary to follow it the best you can. Try your hardest to abide by what you set up for yourself and if you do that then you will not have any major problems. Another great piece of advice is that you set yourself a trial period of sorts and see if you can handle everything up, or are your predictions spot on. This will show you if you need a slight adjustment to complete this with flying colours.

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