Why So Many Students Struggle With Math Assignments

“Logic is the foundation of the certainty of all the knowledge we acquire” is the famous quote of Leonhard Euler, one of the greatest mathematicians ever. Of course, logic and math go hand in hand, and we cannot emphasize enough how much they are intervened and connected. Math, along with reasoning and logic, is one of the basics instincts that guide us through life, which is yet another reason why it is so essential. It is not just because we will learn how to calculate. It is so much more, and the more one understands, not learns math, the more likely one will understand everything else and the whole meaning of our existence.

However, today there are so many students who consider math assignments a nightmare, which is far from good. There are also various prejudices about how complicated it is and only for the chosen ones. Mathematics occupies a prominent place in teaching, and rightfully so since we cannot perform any action in which we do not use it. It is all a reason more why we should take more care of how and why students struggle and have trouble with it.


The basics are not learned well

Learning math is based on some basic concepts and upgrades, and because of that, students who learn the basics well in the lower classes do not have any problems with math later. Those kids usually love math, and they are happy to study more and more. On the other side, those who struggle with math in elementary school often hate it later and have trouble keeping up with the class. Understanding the basics is everything, and if there is trouble at the very beginning or not learned properly, nothing further can be. That lack of understanding is bringing many problems with it, and it is usually hard to recognize since many students hide their problems, and they do not want to admit that something is not clear enough to avoid other students making laugh at them. Since the teachers are not aware that someone does not understand well, they usually head to the next lesson, and those students are starting to lag in class. In so many situations in life, the core problem is at the beginning, and the same can be said for understanding math.


Not enough practice

Besides the fact that learning math means learning basics and upgrading the knowledge from that point, practice may also be the crucial thing in order to make that achievable. It is that type of science that requires time, patience, and a lot of practice, and as in any other field of science, one of the main questions is why and how. Besides these three things, questioning and being curious is a step in the right direction, but yet again, it all starts at the beginning. Knowing the theory is great and an excellent starting point, but it is just that, as it is just one part of it, and it is not enough only to learn math because practice is something else entirely. Indeed, it is impossible to apply any mathematical principle in practice without previous knowledge, but just learning is not enough. You will be able to learn everything properly only if you take enough time to practice. Principles that are well-practiced are much harder to forget and provide an excellent basis for further learning. Repetition is the best way to learn anything, so math material is no exception too, and the only way to get further without any problems is to learn through practice.


Impossibility of practical use

Many students are not interested in learning math because they are sure that they are learning something that they will never use, which is a wrong way to look at things, and with an approach like that, one will never fully understand it since the truth is much different. We are using math in our everyday life, and we are making a lot of decisions based on its principles. And this is where good teachers step in as they are of great importance in our educational system overall. A good teacher can help students understand the importance of this science and show them practical usage. Every teacher has a unique approach to the subject and students. Depending on how well they make it interesting, and math really can be exciting, it’s more likely that students will understand everything much easier and better. An interactive way of teaching is everything as it is the best way for students to learn and understand math. In that way, students can see that it is not something that no one ever uses, and it can be much easier for them to learn it. Once they realize that they will use it for the rest of their lives, they will be much interested in learning it.


Uninteresting material

Mathematics material is sometimes such that its learning is very strenuous and monotonous. If we add to this a teacher who does not know how to interest his students in the subject, we get students that do not only like these lectures but are resentful of them, which is no basis for expanding the knowledge. Learning theory can indeed be a dull thing to do, but math principles can be pretty amusing to learn. A good teacher can explain the theory well and make it much more interesting for students in many ways. Once again, practice makes it perfect, and that, along with amusing and real-life examples, can do wonders for better understanding. Once the students are interested, everything else is much easier because we always learn better when we find those things useful and practical.


Summing up

These are just some of the most relevant reasons why there is a constant struggle with math assignments and why so many students have trouble with it. Knowing this should help in a better understanding of the way one should approach the subject, and if you still want a shortcut and need some help with math, check “homeworkdoer,” as they can be of great assistance with math any problem you may encounter.

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