What makes Mathematics So Hard for Some Students

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Have you ever thought about why mathematics is so difficult for some students? Well, there are some reasons which prove that mathematics subject is tough as compared to other subjects. We will discuss some of the most common reasons why it is considered tough in this article.

According to many students, mathematics is a subject that involves a lot of effort. It demands one to be patient and focused. Suppose, you are solving a question and your answer is not correct. What will you do? You will try again until you get the correct result. This is why one needs to be extra focused on every step while solving a math question. And this might be one of the reasons why children say they can’t learn mathematics properly.

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Top reasons why Mathematics is difficult to understand?

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  1. It needs a lot of attention – Every student faces this problem while practicing various questions. It is a subject that needs the utmost attention of a student; otherwise, he/she won’t solve the question. Some students are not attentive enough, which makes them unable to understand this complex subject.
  2. Basic concepts should be clear – Another thing that makes mathematics a tough subject is that basic concepts should be clear to proceed to other concepts. If a student doesn’t know how to do multiplication, division, addition, or subtraction, how can he or she understand a difficult topic like algebra? So, it is essential to understand basic concepts first. But unfortunately, some children do not care about learning these concepts properly.
  3. Lack of relatability – Have you ever been able to relate mathematics in real life? The answer is probably no. It is a complex subject that requires logical thinking. This is not the case with subjects like English, history, science, etc. Thus, some children couldn’t understand it in a better way. They need to practice regularly to achieve good marks.
  4. A solution is either right or wrong – When a child solves a math question, only two things can happen, the answer will be either correct or incorrect. So, if the solution is wrong, he/she had to do it again from the beginning. Sometimes, it frustrates the children. They lose their interest in it too.
  5. A Negative Mindset – Most people indeed think that mathematics is a hard subject and only a few people can learn it. A mindset like this can affect a child’s thinking. He or she will believe the statement. They don’t even try to solve a question because they will think that they will fail to solve it correctly. This also lowers their self-confidence and motivation.
  6. Practice is necessary – To excel in mathematics, one needs to do the consistent practice. Many students find it boring and do not prefer practicing regularly. These children struggle hard to consume the basic concepts fully. It requires a lot of time, energy, and effort.
  7. Understanding matters the most – Some children try to learn the formulas instead of understanding them. This way of doing math might help them for some time. But it should not become a habit as they might face trouble learning other difficult concepts. So, one should not only memorize the formulas; they should understand them to solve questions.
  8. Reading is significant – For every student who wants to progress in mathematics needs to read his or her textbook carefully. Reading is significant because only then they will comprehend every topic precisely. Math is an easy subject for avid readers.
  9. Lack of proper guidance – It is one of the most common reasons why students believe math is burdensome. The teacher or tutor should be professional in the subject they are teaching to the students. So, lack of guidance might hamper a student’s growth in that subject.
  10. Consistency is key – The concepts should be clear to a student from the beginning of the course. Some students do not care about the previous marks and move on quickly. As a result, they find it hard to proceed to other concepts. One should be consistent in learning everything to progress in it.
  11. Math is Boring – Math has always been criticized for its boringness. Many children think like that. They do not find it interesting at all. It is another reason that makes them unable to try some questions. When someone is not interested in a particular thing, he/she couldn’t succeed in it.

How to make math an interesting and easy subject to learn for the students?

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In this section, we are going to discuss some tips to make mathematics an interesting subject for children. If you are a teacher or a parent, you can follow these essential tips-

  • You should apply the questions to real-life problems. In this way, students would relate more and easily solve the question. It will also help them to grasp certain topics in detail.
  • The study environment should be free from distraction; otherwise, the children might not solve the questions properly. You can make a peaceful environment by playing some good instrumental music in the background.
  • To memorize the formulas, one should write them down in a single notebook. This is a unique method that can help a student during the exams. They don’t have to search for important points and formulas at the last moment. So, always ask them to maintain a notebook.
  • You should explain the basic concepts to them before proceeding to difficult ones. For this, you can explain them in story form so they should not get bored.
  • Asking for doubts is another important thing to do while teaching math to the students.
  • You should make the children believe that practicing is a must to get good marks in math. Give them questions every day so that they can practice more and also come up with doubts.
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From the above article, we concluded that mathematics is a tough subject for some students. However, by making some changes in the way of teaching, a student can easily progress in it. You must read the tips provided by us to make it an easier subject for the children.

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