The DAT Edge: Boosting Your Confidence And Performance On The DAT Test


The dental academies in Canada and US made it mandatory for students to pass DAT (Dental Admission Test) in order to get admission. In the United States of America, 66 dental schools acknowledge DAT, along with 10 schools in Canada. This examination is set and executed by the American Dental Association (ADA) under strict protocol. It is a computer-based test and is organized to figure out the basic academic proficiency, understanding of scientific data, and perceptual capacity of students.

When And Who Should Take The DAT Test

It is recommended to take DAT if you have finished the academic prerequisites in general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biology. It is instructed to apply for this test 12 months prior if you have plans of attending a dental school. The destroyer DAT books will help you thoroughly prepare for the test. It is important to note that every school has its own standards to specify admission decisions based on the DAT results.

Many students usually apply for DAT when they finish their 3rd year of college. However, it is also best to prepare for this exam during semester-2 or between summer break. It is vital to thoroughly understand all the subjects that will be given in this exam, particularly organic chemistry.


How To Succeed DAT Test

In order to boost your confidence, reduce anxiety, and enhance your performance in the DAT test, make sure to follow the below pointers. The below-listed tips will help applicants feel confident, prepare perfectly for the assessment, and ace the DAT test.

  • Check The Sections In The Test

You must understand the sections and content that will be covered in the test. In the DAT candidate guide, a detailed list of the subjects, along with the sub-topics, is given. It is also necessary to check the test specifications so that you will understand everything before applying for this exam. After checking out the subjects and specifications, you can get an idea of your strengths and weak subjects.

In the survey of the natural sciences section, a total of 100 questions will be given (30 from organic chemistry, 30 from general chemistry, and 40 from biology). In addition, there will be 90 questions in the perceptual ability test, 50 questions in the reading comprehension test, and 40 questions in the quantitative reading test.

  • Know The DAT Test Structure

In the DAT exam, only multiple choice questions are given, and it is a computer-based exam. This exam can be taken in prometric testing centers and is available in the 6-month testing duration. In DAT, there are 4 main components, along with an optional section, a break time, and an exam tutorial.

The total assessment duration is 5 hours, but excluding the extra sections, the test duration will be 4 hours and 15 minutes. Optional tutorial, optional break, and optional post-test survey sections take up to 15 minutes each. The allotted time for the quantitative reading test is 45 minutes. For the reading comprehension test and perceptual ability test, 60 minutes are given for each section. A total of 90 minutes is allotted for the survey of natural sciences.

  • Become Familiar With The Rules

While getting ready for the exam, make sure to understand each and every rule related to the test. The DAT guide will deliver necessary input related to the exam application and testing methods, assessment subjects, and scores.

It is best to go through the DAT guide prior to taking the exam. You should adhere to the rules and guidelines mentioned in the guide. In case of any rule breach, even unintentionally, it may lead to score cancellation, retest punishment, etc.

  • Get The Books And Other Preparation Materials

It is best to get all the study materials you need to prepare for the test. You can get suggestions from your professors about the types of books to buy. Acquiring DAT preparation books will help you understand the syllabus easily so you can ace the test.

  • Create A Study Plan

It is recommended to start your DAT preparation 10 to 12 weeks before D-day so that you can read every subject thoroughly and ace the test. Spending about 4 to 8 hours daily is the best bet, along with weekend revision routines. Think about the subjects that you are confident about and spend more time on subjects where you are weak.

Make a practical plan that allows you to spend enough time studying the required content. Having a lot of time for reading and revision is essential to get a good score on the exam. A practical study plan will help you gain more subject knowledge, gain confidence, and lessen stress.

  • Take Some DAT Practice Tests

There are plenty of practice tests in the DAT program which you can use for your preparation. In addition, it is also best to check the model papers along with previous years’ papers. In the practice tests, the experts will compose questions that nearly match the complexity of the real examination.

It is a great idea to finish 2 to 4 simulated practice tests which will precisely recite the situations you are likely to go through on D-day. The students can actually prepare their mindset for the real examination day by finishing the practice tests in the given time (4 to 5 hours).

  • On The Test Day

It is essential to be familiar with the rules of conduct that needs to be followed on the actual test day. Students should carry 2 original identification documents, and copies are not permitted. The identification documents can be a passport, state license, etc.

The main ID should contain the student’s image and sign, and in the secondary ID, there should be a sign. Some students use authorized bank cards as their secondary ID. The name and address of the student should be the same on the identification documents and DAT application.

Bottom Line

To get admission to your dream dental schools in the USA or Canada, it is important for students to pass the DAT test. This computer-based MCQ test will help dental educational institutions filter the best and most intelligent students. Clearing the DAT test can seem challenging at first; however, with the right preparation and expert guidance, students can ace it.

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