Looking for the Easiest Way to Learn Japanese?


While some people might only be afraid of getting lost in the middle of Tokyo without knowing how to communicate in Japan—there is only a dime a dozen reasons why others are also looking to find the best way to learn Japanese. Perhaps, you might also want to go on a trip to see the magnificent shrine buildings and the mountain trails of the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine.

The good news; there’s the easiest way to learn Japanese, and we have put together—the fun way—some useful info regarding the best way to learn Japanese online. Be sure to check the below 4-simple hacks that can help you learn Japanese on record time.


1. Focus Your Attention on Your Main Goal

Japanese is among the toughest languages to learn—especially when it comes to learning kanji—but it can also become fun at some point, and you can only enjoy learning it if you take some time to think about why you want to learn Japanese in the first place.

Further, try to think about what you are going to gain in the longer term. Are you looking to join the best University in Japan? Or, are you just afraid of missing out on the fun part of life that makes you want to learn the basic Japanese words?

Perhaps you should know that you don’t need to reach 100 percent fluency, or even struggle with kanji in some instances. You don’t need kanji when you’re only going out on a tour or speaking with the Japanese. But you might still need to learn it if you want to become fluent in Japanese.


2. Concentrate on the Common Words

There is always that moment when you come across certain text blocks, and you start to wonder why you want to learn that part in the first place. You almost don’t even use such words in your everyday native conversations. So how would you use them in your Japanese speeches?

Further, it’s therefore not necessary that you know everything in the Japanese handbook. Likewise, it’s only important that you focus your attention only on the most common words. This will help speed up your learning process without getting bored. But you’ll need to dedicate some ample time daily if you want to advance faster.


3. Speak Japanese More Often

Even the Japanese native language teachers themselves will tell you that speaking as much as you can—can greatly influence your Japanese language skills. They will tell you just how important it is to speak Japanese more often from the beginning of your training.

However, you shouldn’t worry much if there’s no one you can speak to. The internet has become very useful—you can easily find free Japanese language exchange partners online. Yet, if you want quicker progress—and have some fun learning Japanese online—it can be especially rewarding to pay for an online tutoring program with a native speaker.

Also, the cost may vary depending on the tutor. For instance, you can spend as little as $4 per hour tutoring or even less. Moreover, if hiring a private Japanese native tutor is something you might like—perhaps you might want to check the current offers at iTalki or JA Sensei. An online Japanese tutor can help you learn Japanese in the most effective way. Master grammatical topics, expand your vocabulary, conversational practice — every field will be covered with your personal tutor.


4. You Can Learn Japanese Online

Online language tutoring has become a thing. And there’s no better way of having fun while learning Japanese. Similarly, there are plenty of apps that are tailor-made to make the process easier, and more convenient for you.

Every app, however, has a unique feature that makes them stand out from others. But all of them have a common goal. They are all designed to help you learn how to speak Japanese among other languages at your best convenience.

LiveXP – Best App for Learning How to Speak Languages Fast

In addition, apart from only providing a faster way of learning how to speak fluently in a foreign language—LiveXP also has a particularly rich, and attractive (UI) user interface that makes it easier to explore and connect with dozens of native speakers. The app offers one-on-one video lessons with native-speaking tutors around the world, and that’s what makes it one of the best platforms available to learn Japanese. You can see all available tutors on the website, read more detailed information about their teaching methods and experience from their profiles. Booking a lesson flow is also straightforward and user-friendly. You see a tutor’s availability and time slots available for booking in your time zone. So, just a few clicks, and you have a scheduled trial lesson that will take place at LiveXP.

Similarly, there are also other awesome apps like iTalki, Preply, Verbling, Hello Talk, and JA Sensei that are equally helpful. The JA Sensei application, for example, has the best ways to help you learn Japanese fast. For instance, you can choose to learn grammar, verbs, or kanji—or you can choose to focus on your speaking practices only.


JA Sensei – Best App Overall for Learning Japanese

Moreover, there is a new version of JS sensei that is now available on the Google Play Store. The new version (version 5.5.1) has some amazing features that include 70+ new cards that cover mainly JLPT N3 and N2 on Grammar and a few others.

Accordingly, since it’s very helpful and interesting to learn at your own pace, It can also be very challenging to choose the best app to learn Japanese online. However, we strongly believe that the above few best examples will give you a much better angle in your Japanese studies.

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