Top 3 Best Sports To Bet On In India

India is the second most populated country in the world. With a growing population, there is a massive increase in sports fans. Numerous sporting matches are being played in the country every year. Most of these are played at the national level, with India hosting the majority of the games.

The sports wagering industry has boomed in India and has taken the country to new heights. Many online betting sites let you wager on your favorite sports. In today’s online world, you can place bets on international matches as well such as cricket, hockey, and football.

Check out our best three sports where you can place wagers.

1. Cricket


India hosts many sports, with cricket the most prevalent. The sport is played all across India, in all the states. Indians are so passionate about cricket that they sometimes find it hard to leave the room when they watch a cricket match on Television.

Cricket is an emotion for Indians, and it is enjoyed with great passion. No sport in the world can match it. This game has a rich tradition and has been passed down through the ages.

Many bettors like placing stakes on sports. In 2013 alone an estimated $13.8 billion was staked on cricket. You can even place stakes on the cricket matches and the local, state, national teams.

There are two important matches in India, the Ranji Trophy and the Indian Premier League. The Ranji Trophy has been running since the early 1900s and is the longest-running domestic tournament in India.

IPL is a cricket league that began in 2008. It is the most lucrative cricket league in the world with each of the IPL teams earning more than a million dollars in prize money. Most people prefer watching IPL matches as they are short.

During the IPL series, all the stadiums are filled with cheering enthusiasts, and the atmosphere is always electric. Billions of dollars are used for betting on the matches every year. Punters prefer wagering on the IPL even today, as it is a money-spinning league. The IPL is currently run by the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

Many sportsbooks including Parimatch let you wager on your favorite cricket matches. You can have a detailed look at the website when you click here. Online cricket betting in India is legal, but you need to be cautious as there are several fake websites.

Cricket Betting Tips and Strategies

Punters who have just started betting should go through these ideas. You need to follow a few tried and tested strategies when wagering on cricket such as placing a lower limit, choosing the right bookie, and being disciplined in placing your bets.

When gambling on matches, you have several options such as placing bets on their favorite team and the individual players. You can even make predictions and wager on the best team.

2. Hockey


The national sport of India is hockey. It is played with a hockey ball and a wooden stick. The Hockey India League is played every year in the country.

The sport has its own rules and traditions. Every hockey match is intense, as the teams compete to win. The players use their best strategies to score goals, while also trying to stop opposing players from doing the same.

Many Indians prefer betting on hockey as they are familiar with its gameplay and follow it closely. You can wager on hockey in many ways, such as placing a limit on the winning team or individual players or wagering on the final match, individual goals, or even the final score. You can make predictions as well.

Hockey betting tips and strategies

When wagering on hockey, know the statistics but make sure that it comes from a reliable source. Your source should be someone who is a hockey expert or has experience placing wagers.

Make sure that you gain information about the involved teams and find out the well-rested hockey teams. Tired teams don’t usually win a match. It is recommended that you pick teams that have a long break between matches. Also, you should know the teams’ abilities to perform.

If you prefer betting on hockey, learn the basics and rules of the sport and pick the right online sportsbook. Most online bookies offer a wide range of wagering options and great offers.

3. Football


Football is another sport where Indian bettors like to wager on. It’s a fast-paced game where the teams compete for possession of the ball and score points when they get it.

Football is followed closely and has a devoted fan base in India. If you are a football fan and want to try your luck in football betting, you will have a great time enjoying your sports. Of course, apart from enjoying football, the result of the game can be made more thrilling with wagering.

Football betting tips and strategies

You can augment your chances of winning by sticking to a certain type of market. There are many football betting possibilities that you can use to win. Most bettors prefer placing over/under wagers on football matches.

Another key factor is research. Find out about the up-to-date odds and tips. You can check the predictions and stake on the winning teams. Knowing all these things will help you make the right wagers. When finding the safe wagering website, compare several sportsbooks and make an informed decision.

Enjoy Placing Bets On Your Favorite Sport

If you want to wager on sports matches, make sure that you select the right options. When planning to bet on sports, ensure that you pick a trustworthy sports betting website.

Parimatch is the perfect sports betting website in India because it provides the best odds, valuable tips, statistics, 24/7 customer care, and rewarding promotions and bonuses. You can also wager on live events.

Parimatch promises a memorable gaming experience. If you want to win money then it is the site to visit. Join today for a real wagering experience.

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