5 Important Skills You Need to Succeed in Cybersecurity

Information technology security or cybersecurity is one of the most important professions in the 21st century. Of course, this is not one of those popular and common careers, but that this kind of job can pay quite a lot. However, there is a good reason why experts in this area are so expensive. To successfully protect hardware and software from theft or damage, you will need to master several skills. Keep in mind, all of these skills require a lot of dedication and time investment to learn.

However, the skills needed to succeed in cybersecurity are constantly changing. Technology in the 21st century is evolving nonstop which is why experts in this area have to keep up at all times.

To save you from wasting time on learning skills that you will never need to protect computer systems and networks, I decided to write this article and tell you exactly what kind of expertise and abilities you will need.

Of course, this article is not a universal answer to everyone’s question. Certain companies may require a different set of abilities and talents for IT security. But, it is the type of article that should put you up on the right path.

1. Cloud security

Source: InfoQ

These days, most corporations, large companies, and small businesses are looking to store data and run applications on cloud service. It is affordable, it is convenient and it is safe. This is the direction that the future will move towards. I am sure that as technology advances, we will get even faster, safer, and overall better cloud computing or storage.

This is why learning and specializing in cloud security is essential to succeed in cybersecurity. It is something that many employers will be looking for, so make sure that you have that skill inside of your CV.

Of course, if this particular skill is not to your taste and you want to focus on other things such as application security development, mobile remote computing, risk and compliance auditing, or some other topics there is nothing wrong with that. It is just an ability that would help you grab a job in the future.

Nevertheless, if you are dedicated enough, I am certain that you will be able to find a job.

2. Threat intelligence

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Another essential skill that would be very useful as a cybersecurity expert. Having the ability to properly and accurately analyze threats with the use of threat intelligence tools is something quite rare. Having the talent to master this kind of ability is quite impressive. With this in mind, you can probably already understand how much companies would appreciate such knowledge and experience.

This is a great start for those that want to build a career in incident response. However, if you want to effectively respond to a cybersecurity incident, you will need to learn a lot on this topic. If you are not certain on which topics you should tackle, you can click here and see exactly what the lessons in incident response and threat intelligence focus on.

3. Communication

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Even though the most valued aspect of every cybersecurity expert is that technical skills, it still very important to have some other more natural abilities such as communication.

This is important because usually in these kinds of jobs, you will probably be communicating with a lot of people to ensure software or hardware safety.

To establish a proper connection with your coworkers or a team, you will need to further develop your level of communication.

Employees are looking for individuals that can be understanding that can respect roles and authority. So, even if you are very technically skilled, companies will probably consider other people that are better at communication.

So, whatever you planned is as a cybersecurity expert, make sure to work on your communication.

4. Network security

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This is one of those skills that are mandatory for everyone that wants to work in the IT safety department. It does not really matter what you plan for the future, you must have this skill because it is going to help you in every field possible.

Companies are looking for someone that can understand how the network operates and how it can be defended.

Your understanding of network defense is just a skipping stone to develop into something a lot more. Most of the experts in this sector have started out as basic network or server administrators. Once those individuals further develop their skills and abilities they were able to boost their career forward.

I think that it is very important to have this kind of steppingstone at the start of a cybersecurity career. It may not be what you expect and the paycheck may not be very attractive, but it will definitely help you go further.

5. Management

Source: The Economic Times

Like I mentioned previously, technical skills are essential to building a career in this sector. The more technical abilities you have, the bigger the paycheck. And that is a fact.

However, if you have ambitions to push even further and higher, you will have to think about developing your management skills. If you plan to become the boss in the future, this is an essential ability.

Of course, you do not have to start working on it right now. Either way, it is impossible to become a leader of a team or of an entire sector if you do not have enough experience.

But, after a few years of cybersecurity experience in a bit of management knowledge, it is possible to obtain a much higher position. It is in human nature to want to be the leader in the boss, so being able to manage is one of those most important abilities you would need in any career.

This is a list of the five most important skills you will need as a cybersecurity expert. Of course, there will always be other technical abilities and more to learn. But, if you start out these five mentioned in this article, your success and future will be guaranteed.

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