How to Sober up from Weed? 9 Tips That May Help You

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Most stoners spend their lives dreaming up ways to get high. Very few spend their time thinking about ways to get sober. Those who do know how to overcome their high and sober up fast are in a better position to handle difficult and possibly dangerous situations more effectively. If you don’t know how to sober up from weed fast, then you could put your life, or other peoples’ lives, in danger.

Knowing how to sober up fast will also help you if you ever end up smoking a strain that doesn’t agree with you or if you end up having a bad trip.

This article will explain some effective ways of sobering up from weed quickly:

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1. Citrus Fruits

It is well known that citrus fruits can be used to sober up, after smoking strong weed. In an article published by highthere.com, they say that it is because the scent of citrus fruits has vitalizing effects, and limonene, a chemical found in citrus fruits, is very effective in reducing anxiety. If you need to sober up fast, then it’s definitely worth checking the cupboards and seeing if you have any citrus fruits available. Most agree that the stronger the fruit, the better. For this reason, grapefruits, lemons, and pomelos are all perfect for sobering up from weed fast.

2. CBD Products

Something that’s unknown to a lot of people is that CBD can actually be used to bring an end to an, especially strong high. Taking CBD to come down from a marijuana high might seem counterintuitive, but CBD can terminate a weed high. This is because CBD interacts with different receptors to THC, weed’s psychoactive component. CBD products can also help you to sleep after you have had an intense high, which will probably leave you feeling shaky and nervous.

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3. Hydrate Yourself

While water won’t necessarily terminate your high, it can help to vitalize you and make you think clearer. Lots of people neglect water before, during, and after they smoke, instead choosing to drink sugary drinks or alcoholic drinks. These can make you feel worse. Caffeinated drinks can make you feel jittery, while alcohol can impair your decision-making and intensify your high. Water also gives you something to focus on, which can help to end your high. In addition, water can counteract nasty side effects of smoking, such as a dry mouth and a headache.

4. Black Pepper

Black pepper has been widely reported to be a very effective way of terminating an unwanted marijuana high. Lots of people swear by this method. Scientific studies have found that it actually does hold some weight. Caryophyllene is a compound found in peppercorns. When administered to people who are high on marijuana, it increases THC’s sedative effects, which help people to calm down. However, because it has a sedating effect, it can make you feel tired instead of alert, which might not be what you want.

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5. Pine Nuts

A compound found in pine nuts, pinene, like CBD, is a compound found in the Cannabis plants. Pinene presence is why some Cannabis plants have a pine-like smell. And, like CBD, pinene can be used to counteract the effects of THC. This is because the compound has a calmative effect, and helps to vitalize and provide clarity. Pinene can be found in pine nuts, which also happen to be extremely delicious. Others have reported that being in the presence of pine trees helps them to come down, but when you are trying to sober up fast, you probably don’t have time to wander around in a forest smelling of trees.

6. Shift Focus

Some people find that they can bring an end to their high simply by shifting their focus and thinking about something else. To do this, you need a lot of willpower. A good way to take control of your focus and terminate highs is to meditate. Mindfulness meditation helps you to control your body and mind. When you have practiced mindfulness meditation for some time, you can use it to bring an end to any highs that you aren’t enjoying. Meditation is also good for your mental and physical health.

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7. Going Outdoors

Some find that going outdoors for a walk helps them to overcome a nasty high. If you have time and just want to come down because you aren’t enjoying yourself, then maybe you can take up our previous suggestion of hanging out in a pine forest. Getting some fresh air and spending time in nature can help you to focus and forget about your concerns, albeit temporarily. If you are going to go outdoors to fight your high, then it’s advisable to avoid public places with lots of people. These are more likely to freak you out than counteract your high.

8. Eating Food

Many people find that during an intense high, eating food helps them to come down. With that said, if you are going to eat after a high you need to be prepared to feel lethargic and heavy. Post-eating fatigue is a well-reported phenomenon among weed smokers. Try to avoid fatty, salty, and sugary foods, which become very tempting after an intense high. Instead, opt for fruits, nuts, and lean meats. Don’t let your highs cause you to binge on unhealthy food because this contributes to the lethargic feeling that people experience.

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9. Conversation

Having a conversation with somebody is a good way to come around and sober up. At the very least, having a conversation can help you to shift your focus and stop worrying about your high. Something that’s also worth mentioning is that, if you are worried about sobering up in potentially dangerous situations, your body will probably handle that for you. The human body releases adrenaline-intense and scary situations, which will override a weed high, if even for just a few minutes. With that said, it’s still good to know how to override a high that you aren’t enjoying.

Weed can be a lot of fun, but sometimes, a high can last for far too long. By following this article’s guidance and advice, you will be able to terminate a high whenever you want to. Make sure to never smoke more than you are comfortable smoking because this often does lead to bad trips and unwanted highs.

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