Why Should Beginners Avoid Using a Bong When Compared to a Bowl?

If you’re a beginner cannabis smoker, you might be wondering what type of apparatus and accessories you should use for your first smoking experience. One of the best methods to smoke cannabis is a bowl due to its transportability, ease of use, convenience, and low price. Let’s see why beginners would love this method instead of other popular advanced options!

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Bong vs: bowl – which is better for a beginner smoker?

If you’re new to smoking tobacco or smoking cannabis, you need to choose a safe smoking method that is suitable for your health and your lifestyle. Just because you want to keep up with your friends, it doesn’t mean that you immediately need to jump into whatever they are doing. Smoking too much too soon can lead to health issues and cause you to experience adverse smoking effects from getting too high. Make sure you limit the amount you smoke at the beginning of your experimentation so you can stay safe, learn more about the process, and feel better when you become more advanced.

Two of the most popular smoking methods for people of all skill levels are bongs and bowls. But which one is better for beginners? There are many arguments for each apparatus, but advanced users tend to lean towards bongs which a way to reach is to visit site, whereas beginners and intermediate smokers tend to lean towards bowls for first-time usage.

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How do bowls work?

If you’re curious how a bowl works as a beginner, this process is much easier to understand than it is with a bong. With a bong, there are many moving parts, whereas a bowl is fairly simple. If you have used a joint or used a vape pen in the past, using a bowl is going to be easy for you to figure out.

Bowls consist of three holes that are connected via the middle part of the bowl, with the third hole being the mouthpiece to inhale the smoke from the bowl. The biggest hole in the bowl is where you will place the cannabis flower or the herb. Make sure that before you add the herb to the bigger hole that you use a grinder to ensure the flower is properly ground and fine enough to smoke safely. If you enjoy smoking with other people or you want to smoke with someone else for your first-time use, consider using a bigger bowl with a bigger hole for the flower so you do not constantly have to refill it during use.

This other hole is called the “rush” and will be covered during the smoking process. The purpose of this hole is to redirect the air and the smoke to the mouthpiece so you can get the biggest hit possible. After you have filled the cannabis flower into the biggest hole in the bowl and you are ready to inhale, let your finger off of the rush and inhale.

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Benefits of using a bowl

The main benefits of using a bowl are the convenience factor, the ease of use, the easy transportability, the cost-effective price, and the efficiency when it comes to the marihuana per hit ratio. If you are considering purchasing a new apparatus for smoking but you want something well worth the money you are paying, a bowl is a great choice. Not only will you get to smoke a lot of weed for a lower price, but you will only be spending a little bit of money on the accessory itself.

In addition, bowls are easy to learn how to use. Since there are just three holes and one place to put the flower, all you have to do is let the bowl fill up with the smoke before inhaling. Then you inhale! It is as simple as that. You don’t have to worry about adding other accessories or buying complicated add-ons that can make the smoking experience more complicated and more expensive.

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How do bongs work?

If you are considering using a bong as a beginner, read this first – this is quite difficult to learn as a first-time user, which is why many beginners prefer bowls or bongs. The bong is set up as follows – it has a long glass tube at the top, which is called the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is where you will place your mouth to inhale the smoke that arises after you light the flower.

The water that is stored in the bottom of the bong is used to help filter the particles in the weed and cool down the smoke so it does not burn your throat during the inhale. However, if there is not enough water or there is too much water, this can cause you to inhale water that can be hot, or it can cause you to inhale hot smoke. Both are unpleasant feelings that are a big turn-off for beginner smokers.

The next piece in a bong is the diffused downstem, the point where the beaker connects with the mouthpiece for inhaling the smoke. The purpose of the diffused downstem is to connect the bowl with the mouthpiece and allow the smoke to transport up into your mouth. When you are smoking from a bong, you will inhale and light the bong to fill the entire downstem with smoke. When you are ready to inhale the smoke, you will then pull out the carb cap and take a big breath.

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Disadvantages of bongs

There are many disadvantages of bongs for beginners. First, they are much more expensive than bowls, meaning you will need to spend a few hundred dollars on the entire setup. This can be a very costly investment, especially if you end up not liking the smoking experience.

Secondly, bongs are not very durable. This means they can break if you are not careful, especially if you are passing it around between your friends. Lastly, bongs are not transportable and require extreme care when moving locations. If you want to smoke with your friends outside or at a friend’s house, you will have a hard time bringing this apparatus with you safely.


When comparing bongs vs. bowls for beginners, bowls are much safer, easier to use, less expensive, and less complicated than bong usage. For advanced users who enjoy smoking only at their house, using bongs can be a fun way to get an intense high. But for everyone else, bowls are the way to go!

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