Brightburn 2 – Review and Release Date 2024

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With the genre of horror thriller, Brightburn captured the interest of the viewers. The majority of the main characters die at the end of the film, which raises the question of whether there will be a sequel for Brightburn. There is great news for the fans of this movie, Brightburn 2 is expected to release soon!

A Peek Into The Storyline

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The storyline for this movie is exceptionally unique. This movie represents a darker side of an individual having supernatural powers. It is about a boy named Brandon who realizes that he has supernatural abilities. He decides to use them not to help humanity but to unleash his blood lost upon them.

Brandon is actually an alien, discovered by Tori and Kyle Blair in a spaceship that crashed on Earth. The storyline resembles that of the movie Superman but eventually takes a dark turn. After Brandon is accused of being a pervert, he experiences his power for the first time. As the girl who accused him lets him fall to the ground, he breaks her hand in revenge.

Soon Brandon starts to communicate with the spaceship he arrived in and it chants “Take the world” to him repeatedly. Brandon then starts killing people with his abilities. Eventually, the story behind Brandon being the survivor of a crash starts spreading around.

This story is the prime example of how superheroes don’t always turn out to be “heroes”.

The Cast

For a movie to be loved by the audience, the acting has to be convincing as well. Brightburn has an exemplary cast contributing its finest talent. The role of Brandon is played by the very talented Jackson A. Dunn. His convincing acting made Brightburn reach the popularity it has.

Elizabeth Banks plays the role of Brandon’s mother and David Denman plays the role of the father. Other than these 3 main characters many side roles are also there. The character of Caitlyn is portrayed by Emmie Hunter, the girl who accuses Brandon of being demoralized. The role of her mother Erica Connor is played by Becky Wahlstrom, who Brandon kills eventually.

When Can We Expect The Release

Even though no confirmation for the sequel is given, fans are hopeful. The credit scene in the first movie serves as a huge indicator for part 2. The cast of Brightburn has also expressed their willingness to work in the sequel if it is made. The director and writers have also given hints that the sequel is on their minds.

Things You May Want To Know About Brightburn

Brightbrun is directed by David Yarovesky and written by Mark and Brian Gunn. The producer of the film is James Gunn. James Gunn is a famous figure and is behind the work of popular films like Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3.

Summing It Up

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The fame and popularity of Brightburn aren’t going to die down, with or without a sequel being made. However, dear fans don’t lose hope because the possibility of a sequel is there, or maybe a movie!

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