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The Last Witch Hunter 2 – Release Date 2024, Storyline, Cast

After a very amazing movie that was left in a weird yet suspenseful ending has raised the hopes of all the fans of Vin Diesel and the Last Witch Hunter for another part of this movie. If you are one of the fans and want to know more make sure you read till the end.

A Peek Into The Storyline

About eight centuries back a Queen of witches set free the black plague so that she could clean every bit of humanity left on earth. Our lead Vin Diesel as Kaulder in the movie is a part of a band of knights who aim at battling the queen and the plague that she released. In an intense battle, Kaulder Manages to kill the evil queen but the main twist here is that before she dies she makes sure that she puts a curse on him. So she decided to curse him with eternal life. She wanted him to feel the pain, sorrows, and suffering from the death of others because of the plague and also live with the loss of family.

Later in the movie we see that he works as a Witch Hunter and prevents a young witch from destroying a plane unintentionally, she was known to be carrying runes in her luggage that could control the weather and she was not aware of how harmful they can be on a flight. He works with an organization that lets witches live according to their own will with just one small condition that they can’t use magic on humans. The whole main story revolves around him and his adventures.

Casting Choices We Can Expect

In part 2 the cast is expected to remain the same. We might be introduced to new characters but it is confirmed that Vin Diesel will be still playing his role as Kaulder. Other roles include the role of Chloe played by Rose and the role of witch queen played by Julie.

We might also be able to see some side roles like that of Helena who is Kaulder’s wife. Her role is played by Lotte Verbeek. As of now, there is no confirmed information about the cast of the last Witch Hunter part 2 but, surely, the main cast will not be changed.


When Can We Expect The Release

The main actor, i.e. Vin Diesel made an announcement related to part two of the last witch Hunter. Through his announcement, it is confirmed that there will be part 2 coming very soon but the release date is still not confirmed. The shooting was supposed to be finished by 2024 unfortunately it has not been completed yet. The release is expected to be in late 2024 or the early months of 2024.


Summing It Up

A movie by the famous Vin Diesel, which has a series of emotions from suspense to tears. As we all know Vin Diesel has more than a hundred thousand fans ready to watch every single movie he makes. I am sure even this one has many people waiting for part 2 and the wait will be over soon.