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How Many Seasons of Downton Abbey?


The historical drama tv series Downton Abbey is back with yet another season. With all its 6 seasons broadcasted, the last one was aired in 2015. Will it have more upcoming seasons?

A Peek into What’s it About?


Depicting a posh family- the Crawleys and their maids, this series gained much popularity among its viewers. Each season narrates about significant incidents that made a mark on the lives of the Crawleys. All 6 seasons of the series had a different event to narrate in different sequences.

From the sinking Titanic to World War-I, from the Spanish Influenza pandemic to the Irish War of Independence. Every event was uniquely crafted into sets of episodes to keep the audience engaged.

The Final season was made on the event when the working class of men rose and the rich British aristocracy declined. The storyline of the series is so intriguing that even after completing 6 seasons, the audience wants more of it. However, the creator has closed the show with its sixth sequel being the final season.

The Casting


The major protagonist Robert Crawley who had been also the aristocrat of Grantham was well played by Hugh Bonneville. With the character of his wife Cora Crawley, the noblewoman of Grantham, Elizabeth McGovern has done a wonderful job. Their 3 beautiful daughters – Lady Mary, Lady Edith, and Lady Sybil were portrayed very well by respective actresses – Michelle Dockery, Laura Charmichael, and Jessica Brown Findlay.

Other supporting roles of Violet (Robert’s mother), Lady Rosamund (Robert’s sister), and Tom Branson (their driver) are acted out by Maggie Smith, Samantha Bond, and Allen Leech respectively. All the actors have done a great job to pull up the fame.

Any More Upcoming Season?


Officially no declaration has been made regarding releasing any upcoming episodes of Downton Abbey. The 6th season was aired in 2015 and 4 years later a film was published on the same. However, regarding the extension of the television series, there has been no such news.

Things You May Want To Know About Downton Abbey


It is indeed disappointing to the fans to hear no renewal of the series. Nevertheless, we can expect a sequel coming up for the movie ‘Downton Abbey 2’.

It was predicted to be out in April 2024 but it was postponed to December 2024 instead. The cast will remain the same and its production will be done by Carnival Films. Focus Features and Universal Pictures International would be dealing with its international distribution.

Both the movie and the series had their scripts done by Jullian Fellowes. Jullian is extremely talented as a writer to come up with such creativity and pen down the details about the British Aristocracy.

Summing It Up

The success of Downton Abbey made itself a brand. The popularity was trending so high that the Equity Titles Bill (2013) was named after it as Downton Bill. The hope of the fans will not be in vain. The creator is coming up with a sequel to the movie.