2024 MLB: Who Are the Favorites to Win the World Series?


Since its kickoff last March 30, 2024, the  Major League Basketball teams have presented outstanding games, and many fans and bettors are already placing their early wagers on who will possibly win the World Series 2024. Several MLB teams seem to be showcasing their better and improved skills during the first half of the season.

If you’re curious about what teams are making so much noise, here’s a helpful list you can look into.

Atlanta Braves


Prior to the season’s kickoff, the Atlanta Braves have been the talk of the town because of their amazing lineup. Not only is their pitching staff led by Spencer Strider and Max Fried, but their team is also filled with Charlie Morton, Bryce Elder, and Kyle Wright. Not only that, but Sean Murphy, who has nine home runs, is also part of the team’s roster as a catcher until 2029.

The Brave’s significant MLB odds seem deeply rooted in their team lineup. Although they were eliminated last season in the Division Series, the Atlanta Braves only returned stronger. Also, the team had a good start in the season, which can be a good sign for rather more surprises that fans can expect. Furthermore, they’re also currently ranked first in the NL East.

Houston Astros

Houston Astros are the defending champion this year after beating the Philadelphia Phillies last season. However, some fans are doubtful whether the Astros will be able to defend the title.

For starters, the team lost their pitcher Justin Verlander to free agency, and they’re facing a significant change after replacing their general manager with Dana Brown. Not only that, but they also had a rather bad start to the season. Nonetheless, at least they’re still favorites to win in the conference.

On the brighter side, the Houston Astros were able to keep Cristian Javier to play for them for the next five years and signed Jose Abreu to a three-year contract. On top of their already remaining talented talents, these people include Framber Valdez, Hunter Brown, and Cristian Javier.

As of writing this article, the Astros are currently ranked second in AL West.

Tampa Bay Rays


Sitting in first place in the AL East, the Tampa Bay Rays have already accumulated a 30-11 record and a .732 winning percentage. They’re currently the only team that has garnered this much winning percentage this season.

The Tampa Bay Rays are not only one of the best teams in pitching, but they also perform the best offense.  However, this sounds more conservative when you consider that the Rays are first overall from batting average, home runs, runs, and on-base percentage and have presented a wide gap to the next team in the rank with almost an 80-point difference.

There’s possibly another underlying reason bettors and fans haven’t considered the Rays the first team to have the best odds to win. Nonetheless, this doesn’t affect how best they’ve been performing so far.

Los Angeles Dodgers

After accomplishing an astonishing 111-51 record last season, the Los Angeles Dodgers have become the only team in MLB history to win in three consecutive seasons with at least 106 games. Although they were hopelessly lost against San Diego Padres during the Division Series, many fans are still looking forward to what the LA Dodgers can offer this season, which explains their considerably good odds of winning the MLB World Series.

Moreover, the team may have lost Trea Turner to free agency, but the Dodgers still have an impressive roster with Freddie Freeman, Clayton Kershaw, Mookie Betts, and other huge names in the league. They’re currently the reigning first-placer team in the NL West, and if the odds continue to be with them, the Dodgers might be able to push through the Division Series.

San Diego Padres


Last on this list is the San Diego Padres, who are in third place in NL West with a 19-21 record. Aside from the Houston Astros, San Diego Padres also had a rather slow start after losing their star player, Fernando Tatis Jr., to an 80-game suspension during the season’s early weeks.

Meanwhile, Juan Soto’s having one of the worst seasons after missing several shots. Nonetheless, people trust the Padres’ potential to surpass their limitations, especially with their excellent core team. In connection with that, their starters consisted of top players like Joe Musgrove.

Moreover, with the comeback game of Fernando Tatis Jr., the San Diego Padres, and their fans can still expect better results, especially if the rest of the team stays healthy.

Final Thoughts

The MLB games are undoubtedly one of the best events annually. Not only that, but their teams and their performances are worthy of praise. Furthermore, the early favorites to win the MLB World Series 2024 can significantly change overnight or not. So, it’s best if you also try to watch every game for yourself to personally make your input of the possible ending of this season.

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