Top 5 Ladies With The Most Unusual Beauty That Leaves You Speechless

There is plenty of diversity between people, not concerning the culture only, but the way people look too. These differences make humans unique in their own way. Gratefully, the world is making progress by accepting an unusual look, and these exclusive models are a sign that society’s meaning of beauty can restrict no one. These brave ladies are confident with their unique beauty, which makes them so special. Thanks to their different look, they got numerous followers on social media and became famous. These unconventional beauties are good role model for the entire population. Follow the article and find out who are our top five models who earned Instagram glory.

5. Khoudia Diop

Source: Instagram

Throughout her childhood, people were making fun of this beautiful model from Senegal for having a very dark skin color, but that never stopped her from becoming famous. At some point, Khoudia visited Paris, and she was getting modeling offers on the streets thanks to her dark chocolate color of skin and unique beauty. Slowly, she stepped into the world of the fashion industry and moved to New York, where she built a professional career. She was the main face in the Colored Girl project and had a contract with cosmetic brand Make Up for Ever whose most significant focus is a palette of dark shades of face powders.

4. Winnie Harlow

Source: Twitter

The young American model got discovered for the first time via Instagram, and the person who found her was Tyra Banks, who is America’s Next Top Model host. Despite her skin problem – a major type of vitiligo, the young model never hesitated to take any challenge in her career. She feels very comfortable in her skin, and she spreads positive energy. Soon, she had an appearance in America’s Next Top Model, which brought her many job offers, and soon she became a prominent face for Desigual. She was part of many fashion shows and had excellent cooperation with Swarovski and Diesel.

3. Sophia Hadjipanteli

Source: Premier Model Management

Sophia made herself look special compare to every other pretty girl on Instagram. She promotes natural look, less make-up, and the most important, natural eyebrows. Her eyebrows look untouched, and even though they look strange to many, she proudly shows them all over social media. Unibrow look brought her almost half a million followers on Instagram, and many modeling offers.

2. Tsunaina

Source: Tsunaina

Tsunaina enjoys global fame thanks to her unique beauty. She was discovered for the first time in the streets of her birthplace, Tibet. Soon, she became an Instagram star too. However, she joined the modeling industry and walked for many fashion shows. Her Avatar-look and specific shape of nose attracted a lot of attention to London’s fashion week. Tsunaina is very confident, and she loves posing in front of the camera, aware of the fact there are no many girls who look like her.

1. Viktoria Modesta

Source: www.viktoriamodesta.com

Viktoria is a fashion model from Latvia, who has an amputated lower leg. This surgery had to be done to make sure she will not face mobility problems in the future. She entered into modeling waters when she was a teenager and later became a singer and songwriter. She is a multitalented and very ambitious woman who never let any obstacle to make a negative impact on her career. She is still singing, dancing, and proudly posing for different fashion models. Young Viktoria is a role model for all people to follow their dreams.

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