7 Top TikTok California Influencers in United States of America 2024

Social networks are one of the basic forms of entertainment among young people today. The great popularity of Facebook and Instagram, which has grown expansively among users around the world, has motivated developers to create a TikTok application that quickly gained a large number of supporters and interested users. At first glance, to many of us, it seemed like a simple platform that serves to show the user’s dance skills, and that’s it. While it seemed super cool to some, others condemned moving in front of the camera in a crop top, but no doubt it caught the attention of almost everyone on the planet, one way or another. In any case, those who allow themselves to see the bigger picture will see that this application is much more than showing dance movements. In addition to the fact that you can find a reason to smile at almost every post, there is also a lot of educational content, as well as one that presents various types of art and talents.

Those who stood out for the most interesting posts and, thanks to that, got the largest number of followers, became the stars of TikTok. While there are rumors for some of them that they may have bought likes and followers for their profiles, that hasn’t made them any less popular. You can read more about how this can be done. Today we are talking about the California influencers of Tiktok.

1. Lani Baker

Source: Pinterest

Lani is popular for her talents – acting and modeling. She lives and works in California. She uses her profile on this social network to inform her fans about everything related to her career. Thus, various scenes from the shooting can often be seen on her posts. Also, moments from everyday life can be seen on her profile, which includes her friends, family, and husband. All in all, she tries to enrich the content with a lot of humor, which her followers find very interesting. It currently has 4.9 million followers and 109 million likes.

2. Tyler Brown

Source: Pinterest

Tyler is another young influencer who originates from this American state and has gained great popularity in a short time. His videos that he shares with his fans every day are a lot of different transformations that can be fantastically entertaining. dance performances are frequent, as well as the use of make-up and many other accessories to show the most authentic imitations. As a very young man, he found himself in the center of interest, so he was also a guest of the Ellen Show. It currently has about 6 million followers, as well as nearly 450 million likes.

3. Miki Rai

Source: Daily Mail

If you were looking for a profile with one of the most unusual topics, then it would probably be @mikiraiofficial. This influencer is a nurse by profession and she wanted to present to people through her daily videos what the fight against the world pandemic looks like. She works in the intensive care unit of a clinic in San Francisco, and her main motive for starting this profile is to raise people’s awareness of the current situation. He tries to show the importance of keeping a distance, proper hygiene, and the daily struggle of medical workers through funny and cute videos. If you peek there, you will see a lot of educational and interesting content. People love this, which is best described by 2.1 million current followers.

4. Katie Molinaro

Source: TikTok

Among many other influencers who focus on many different topics, Katie Molinaro, better known on TikTok as @eatitkatie, is ranked very high on the list of the best California influencers. It is about a young girl, recognizably blonde hair, whose posts aim to entertain all those who watch them every day. We could characterize her page as a food blog because when you go in there, you will realize that most of the videos are dedicated to trying the food. Besides, there is various other funny and interesting content that you will surely enjoy. It currently has about 1.3 million followers, and about 29 million likes.

5. Kyle Meshna

Source: TikTok

For all those who adore beautiful art photography, they will gladly want to follow this influencer. Kilemeshna is a big fan of natural, cultural, and urban beauties, which he likes to capture with his camera. You can see some of the most amazing shots on this profile. Most show the most beautiful parts of California, especially San Francisco. Besides, anyone who wants to learn more about professional photography and videos can listen to some of his tutorials, which he often shares with people. We are sure that many would enjoy this kind of content, as well as its other 400 or more followers.

6. Maia – Mxmtoon

Source: Twitter

Maia is a popular ticktock-er who gained popularity on this social network, posting content through which she shared her talent. In addition to standing out for her good vocal abilities, she is primarily a singer-songwriter. While it could be said that she is now convincingly the most noticed than ever, this is not her first appearance on the internet and presentation of her talents. From an early age, she posted her recordings on YouTube and other social networks, and today she can be heard on Deezer. In any case, everyone who loves this kind of art and songwriting music will surely love its channel. She has a lot of popular songs today, and in addition to such content, she often entertains her followers with humorous content. It currently has 2.4 million followers and about 105 million likes. Great success for such a young person, right?

7. Kirk Maxon

Source: Pinterest

If you want to search for this artist on Tiktok, you will have to type @kirkmakson. We’re sure you won’t regret it, nor will the 649k of his current followers who can enjoy his videos showing unusual sand artwork daily. Kirk dedicated his channel to show the world how to make mud castles. It is a special technique that is based on dripping mud (a mixture of water and sand) on a sandy surface. It all takes place on some of the beautiful beaches of California.

Which influencer would you single out as the most interesting?

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