Where to Find Real and Active Followers on Instagram Without Bots


Social networks are the most popular platforms, where people not only now communicate, but also buy and sell, and conduct their own business. This term is interpreted by many in their own way, but in general, these are people who are interested in the lives of others and follow their news. We will talk a little later about the benefits and advantages of having many subscribers, now let’s note that their number is not only important for famous personalities, but can also be beneficial for ordinary users.

Probably now there are no more questions how to become a subscriber to someone, but still let’s discuss the possible options. It can be done:

  • on your own by subscribing to any person on Inst;
  • the second option is to apply if the account is closed and wait for the approval of the owner of the page.

Either option is very easy and does not require much time. Now let’s get to the heart of why people collect a lot of followers on their pages and why they need it.  I’ll note right away, if you don’t have time to read the article to the end, a tip – you can collect 100 or 1000 followers on Instagram in 1 minute at There are also views on your videos and likes, so don’t waste your time.

The choice in favor of live followers on Instagram or bots


Today, the main criteria are the reach and quality of the audience. That is, not only the number plays a decisive role. If you decide to gain an audience for money, yes their number will increase, but the interest will be zero. Which means your posts or videos will not get the proper activity on the page. In this case, it is better to have 100 live interested subscribers than 1000, but bots. If you do not adhere to these recommendations, the output we get is this:

  1. Poor-quality audience will not bring any benefit, and in the aftermath will require cleaning of the account, and this is additional time.
  2. Social network algorithms will never raise such profiles high. Judge for yourself – having 10000 subscribers and 100 likes – immediately visible that the audience has increased most likely an artificial way.
  3. Such pages can cause damage in the form of spam under your posts and videos.
  4. If you decide to participate in contests or polls, with such an audience, you will not win.
  5. And worst of all, you can easily earn bans pages, from which in the sequel will be problematic to withdraw your page.
  6. To build a business with such an audience is also unlikely to succeed. No one simply will not be interested in your proposals.
  7. New subscribers won’t sign up for an account if they see an empty profile as an asset.
  8. Don’t expect interest from advertisers, because they are just like the network algorithms comparing all the metrics before contacting a seller.

But you ask how do you check your audience for bots without special programs? Easily, bots:

  • often have no avatar and no information about themselves;
  • their name is often a set of letters or numbers, for example: Hgde1527et
  • The number of their subscriptions can be very high, while there are no subscribers at all.

Where to find active and high-quality followers on Instagram


Subscribers are the audience of the account, which its owner is focused on. With the advent of clever algorithms, their number has faded into the background, but still their role remains just as important. If subscribers actively like, comment, and repost, the post will show up to more people in the feed. But this can be done by live and real profiles, not robotic ones. So let’s talk about where to find just such an audience? The easiest way to do it:

  • On forums and blogs, by posting information about your account and interesting accompanying text;
  • through recommendations on Instagram, which the social network itself selects based on your interests;
  • By being active yourself. Subscribe to new accounts, give likes, write comments. There is a high probability of a response and subscription to you.
  • Update your content regularly. It will take time, of course. Post new posts is better than every 2 days, and of course you should post only unique content;
  • find accounts to which you can offer a mutual exchange. They should be profiles with similar topics, so your audience can be interested in what you offer.
  • Hold contests. This move is loved by many, and will allow you to increase user interest in your feed.
  • use hashtags. This is the most useful tool that reduces search time within the site. Don’t neglect it.

Some of the most profitable niches on Instagram:

  • health and beauty
  • fitness and sports
  • world travel
  • everything to do with fashion
  • business
  • wealth/finance
  • animals.

Why do celebrities and ordinary users need followers on Instagram?


The number of followers determines the level of popularity of the account, and of course the income of its owner. Let’s talk about numbers. 1000000 subscribers at once certainly can not get, most likely it will happen after a couple of years. But if it happened, you can get income from :

  • from advertising;
  • from a partner;
  • with their business

The average earnings with this number of subscribers can be about $ 100-500 per month. The biggest profit is of course advertising.

If we are talking about 10000 subscribers on the page, here the user can count on income from advertising and affiliate promotions, there are more such profiles, which means that it is very difficult to make yourself visible among them all. If you have fewer subscribers, it is simply not possible to make money on the millionth site.

Now let’s note what exactly the subscribers give to any account:

  • Popularity. The higher the figures of your account, the higher your place in the ranking;
  • Interest from other users.  When new people see activity on your page and a many numerous of followers they are more likely to subscribe to your profile.

It becomes clear that becoming a real blogger and attracting subscribers has become more difficult than when you started. Now the popularity index requires at least 1k subscribers, whereas at the start it was enough only a few hundred.

  • Earnings. The more subscribers, the higher is the cost of advertising posts.
  • Promotion of personal brand. Promoting yourself as a brand is easiest for coaches, psychologists, business coaches and writers.

Massfolloving and masssliking can be done not only manually, but also through specialized applications. But here there is no 100% guarantee of results. The stages of its preparation include:

  • Selection of the target audience;
  • analysis of third-party pages;
  • review of network limits;
  • selection of accounts similar in theme to yours;
  • Adjusting the budget for you.

According to IGInstant, accounts with popular themes are promoted faster. The more potential followers, the greater the future earnings. It is also acceptable to handle a separate topic, not tied to trends. But then you should be prepared for a slow promotion. Accounts covering a narrow niche are not suitable for regular earnings. Subscriptions and unsubscriptions are counted together. If you have used up the limit of subscriptions in one day, you can unsubscribe only the next day.  Keep this in mind to avoid being banned for violating your limits. For not newly created accounts, this number is 60 subscriptions per hour.

Promote your Instagram profile by yourself manually, with the help of services or specialists. The main thing is to initially decide for what purpose the profile was created, then design the page and make a content plan.

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