What You Need to Know When You Hire a Custom Web Designer?

There are many myths around the profession of a web designer. Let us give you 8 basic web designer skills.

What should a web designer be able to do? You don’t need to know and be able to do absolutely everything. There are a lot of web design lessons, and it is very difficult to choose or understand what is important to study now (what will be useful at the moment), and what is just a waste of time and on what it is absolutely unnecessary to spend your time on.

What a web designer needs to know about Photoshop

If we are talking about a graphics program, then we have a wonderful video “Website Design in Photoshop from Scratch in 60 Minutes.” Check it out. That’s all a web designer needs to know about working in Photoshop. There are custom web design services to be used.

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What a web designer should be able to do when packing meanings

What else should a web designer be able to do? He needs the skill of packing meanings. The site is a story. A site block is some kind of specific meaning, for example, a short sentence. And the creation of a good website demands understanding what meanings to convey to the person. In web design, meaning is a must.

Web design: what you need to know about hierarchy

Okay, so we have identified and formulated the meanings. What else does it take to become a web designer? Place them correctly on the site.

We need to position the blocks on the page and determine the most important and the least important, that is, decide what we want to highlight, what is the second.

In this case, I select the title, the button and divide the blocks with the text and information with small indents.

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What does it take to become a web designer? Know typography!

Another thing a web designer needs to be able to do is choose fonts for a website. There are classic fonts (Helvetica, Arial, Tahoma) that display normally on all pages. There are custom fonts, Google fonts. The so-called “loadable fonts”. These are fonts that are not available on computers and can be connected via Google.

At the first stage, in fact, you shouldn’t play too much with fonts. It is enough to choose some classic (one). Why are classic fonts good? They are time-tested. You should not chase after some kind of novelty, it is better to take what is already working. And from this start your journey. Moreover, the skills of a web designer are not limited to fonts.

Web Designer Skills: How to Choose Graphics?

Many people think that in order to become a web designer, you just need to be able to create graphics yourself.

This is not true about website animations. At the initial stage, it would generally delegate the graphics to the stocks. If you can’t be done something, then it’s easier to take someone who is well versed in this. That is, if I don’t know how to draw, let’s say icons, then I’d rather go to the stock and find good icons there. If I don’t draw icons at all, then I’d rather trust a designer who has been drawing these icons for 5-10 years and either download from him (if they are available for free) or buy. And then the project turns out to be of high quality. In general, at this stage we select some kind of graphics, select pictures, for example, on stocks. Trust me, drawing is not a core skill in web design at all.

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What you need to know about working with color in web design

The main thing a web designer should know about working with color is that colors can be taken from a cooler. There are already harmoniously selected color palettes. Or we can take a ready-made palette from another site and see that we have these colors harmoniously combined. Again, without going too deep with the theory of color (warm/cold shades), these two methods are the simplest and most working ones. That is, if you study color, you will need much more time to make an informed high-quality color choice. If you go to the Kuler site and grab a good ready-made palette, or go to some other site that is already well done and borrow colors from there, this is the fast track and it works.

The most important thing a web designer should be able to do

The most important thing a web designer should be able to do is add a little magic to their work. A bit of magic. Magic is the totality of the ideal, the totality of all your steps, all your talents. Well-chosen meanings, a well-built hierarchy, relevant fonts, well-made by good designers, then the correct pictures (unique, beautiful), again suitable in meaning and emotion, and color.

And collectively, magic is your experience. Experience is not so much design, but in general how wide your horizons are. You can take some things from completely non-design industries and it will influence you. This will be the magic that the user will not notice, but will feel. So what does it really take to become a web designer? Broad outlook!

Source: Creative Marketing

How to profit from your web design skills?

Again, we do everything, in addition to what we ideally like and this is what we are ready to do for free, but still it comes to money. And Profit is one of the reasons why we do it. Money for work, for a website. It is imperative for a web designer to be able to correctly build pricing.

Design combines in it a lot of different aspects. The web designer has to make the project look beautiful, but this is only one of his tasks. First of all is created simple and understandable products based on the analysis of user behavior.

The word “design” now means not how the site looks, but how it works and how easy it is for users to achieve their goal. Creativity and art in design faded into the background. For business tasks, a web designer works in such a way as to attract the attention of a visitor, to interest and convey the necessary information.

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