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3 Best Cloud Based Property Management Software 2024


Real estate has been a field that has employed many since a long time. It is a busy but profitable business for many. Due to its relevance from a long time, many people involved in such a business use physical papers and documents to manage properties and keep a check on them but as the times are changing it has become crucial to shift from the time-consuming and inefficient use of paper to a computer.

Even while considering computers many people now prefer online softwares that are connected to the cloud. This serves two benefits – firstly, the lack of need of saving all the data and information in one’s computer, storing the data on cloud can help in saving disk space. The other benefit is the ability to access the said data from anywhere at any time of the day. This allows one to even look into the property management software from their phone.

But before deciding on software for one’s property management needs, it is important to keep certain things in mind. One should care about the efficiency as well as the security qualities of the software before choosing it for their business. Below is a comprehensive list of 3 best cloud based property management software of 2024:

1. Alphaletz


Alphaletz is an online cloud-based property management software that can be accessed via their website It is a modern and powerful tool that can help in good management of property-related information. Due to its simple-to-use and efficient interface, it can help many real estate dealers by saving their time and making their job easier. It can also help in cutting costs as one would not have to rely on registers and physical notebooks to keep a record of all the properties one is dealing in at the time.

This software allows one to be able to keep a check on the various variables associated with the market at a simple glance through the dashboard. Subsequently it can keep real estate dealers updated about what tasks they need to do and what deadlines they might need to meet. Besides this, unlike pen and paper, one can easily get access to the various graphs and datasets that can be made by alphaletz based on the data available. This can make it easy to compare the various variables. The website even allows for a free demo so one can take an experience of the software before investing in it.

2. Bildium


Bildium is another cloud-based property management software that is very famous across real estate agents. It has various functions and an interface that is easy for a newcomer to understand and use. It allows a lot of real estate transitions like the payment of rent to be done solely online. It can help a real estate business make its transition from an offline functioning business to an online one. It can help in automating repeated and monthly tasks like asking for the collection of rent and hence helps in reducing the burden and the need to remember to do so. This, of course, is customised according to the needs of the person using the software.

As it is a cloud software, it does not solely function on a web browser, it also has its very own mobile application. This makes the software a lot more accessible for those who rely on a phone for most of their day-to-day transactions. The software also has different ways of pricing the customer and one can choose the one that suits them the best. The software company also has a robust customer care and support team that can help in getting assistance while using the said software.

3. Property Boulevard


As the name suggests, Property Boulevard is another cloud-based software that can be used by people wanting to shift to the online mode for managing their real estate business and transactions. Just like Bildium, Property Boulevard too works on different platforms like a desktop or a smartphone. This management system can be used to manage properties both belonging to the commercial market as well as the residential ones and hence can be more inclusive for real estate agents who work with both these fields.

Unlike average property management systems, Property Boulevard is inclusive of smaller as well as medium-sized and bigger businesses. A lot of functions can be made easy by using this program, these include the collection of rent, sending legal notices to customers and defaulters and paying bills associated with the property one is managing. All the transactions done by the agent can be noted and kept in the application and can be made available to every employee or partner associated with the business in real-time.


For any business to function well and stand the test of time, it is important to manage it properly. Good management is one that is efficient and has good communication channels across different people. Property management tools are such software that can help one in pursuing and reaching this goal. This is made especially possible due to the emergence of cloud-based property management softwares. They are great tools that can eventually help a business in noting down important transactions, look at them when needed, compare the gains and the losses, automate functions like asking for rent, sending notices or paying bills and accessing the data whenever and from whatever device one chooses.

Such software is not only beneficial for the real estate agents but also for other people dealing with them since they automise the process and this leads to lesser faults as compared to relying on offline register entries. Besides providing a lot of functions, they are also faster as compared to managing a physical document. But giving a third party access to the personal data of one’s business can be a bit risky. Read more about the benefits of cloud-based property management software and how it can improve the management of your rental property in San Bernardino.

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