What Makes Istanbul Such An Attractive City To Invest In Property?


To profit from the monetary reward of the property or to live in Istanbul, Arabs and foreigners from all over the world have turned their attention to Istanbul due to its distinctive touristic character and the development it is experiencing regarding infrastructure and large real estate projects.

Istanbul also provides many attractive sites for shopping, sightseeing, entertainment, and business. One may also locate a house that is precisely what one wants, with options for every price range. 

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Why Consider Buying Property In Istanbul

Because Istanbul is a city that is rich in culture, history, and opportunity, many individuals wish to own real estate there. If a person wants to live abroad, it’s also a great spot to make real estate investments. Due to linguistic and cultural differences, buying a home in Istanbul may be slightly tricky. However, it is worth it. Visiting can be a clever step toward buying a Turkey investment property.

Reasons And Benefits of Buying Property In Istanbul


The fact that Istanbul’s real estate market is so diverse is a plus. The person may therefore select the many home and real estate options that appeal to them. As a result, they may locate properties to buy whether they wish to utilize them for business or household purposes.

When purchasing real estate, it’s crucial to consider one’s alternatives before deciding which would work best for one’s needs and way of life. When looking for property, don’t limit oneself to one place or region; consider all the potential places one may call home.

1. Suitable Source Of Investment For A Long-Term

Those looking to make long-term investments may rely on the Turkish real estate market since these prices can yield a reasonable return on investment. Compared to Cyprus or Spain, where the price of property has already increased, Turkish purchasers of real estate have an advantage. With relatively little yearly maintenance and care, well-kept Turkish real estate may produce a sizable long-term return on investment.

2. Being A Registered Citizen Of Turkey

This is a crucial benefit since it enables a person to apply for Turkish citizenship. Anyone with a home worth more than $400,000 who doesn’t sell it for at least three years is given citizenship. It is a fantastic chance for individuals who desire to become citizens. 

The likelihood that someone can obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment increases with proper application. This has a significant benefit since it will result in annual growth in the population of Turkey.

3. Business And Tourism Hubs


Given Istanbul’s heritage as the imperial capital of both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, the city’s tourist industry is flourishing due to government-sponsored mass marketing campaigns, which have helped Istanbul become one of the most visited travel destinations in Turkey. 

Additionally, the Turkish government is transforming into a worldwide superpower with branded initiatives like Invest in Turkey, even though it is the top location in Istanbul for business, economics, and finance. They are also not neglecting the potential of their population, as seen by the financial support provided to budding businesses and young entrepreneurs.

4. Various Housing Options

The wide range of options for luxury and affordable, newly constructed, off-plan, renovated apartments and villas, and resale properties in Turkey is one of the main factors driving foreigners’ interest in purchasing real estate there. Several options range from lavish mansions with ocean views to straightforward, affordable flats. Buyers in Turkey don’t have to give up on their desire to purchase any property.

5. A Less Sophisticated Buying Procedure

The government has taken the required actions to ensure that the process is made simpler in order to encourage investing in the property . This aspect affects individuals’ preferences to invest in Istanbul real estate.

6. Istanbul Real-Estate Prices Are Very Positive

The fact that Istanbul’s home prices are so promising is a considerable benefit. Property prices in Turkey are attractive for several reasons. Istanbul is a fantastic investment opportunity for international investors, given that Turkey is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the world. The industry is expanding, leading to new building projects that further develop and enhance the sector.

Statistics About Real Estates In Istanbul


Istanbul and Antalya are at the top of the Turkish regions offering real estate to foreign buyers. These cities were obtained during the initial ten months of 2024. Istanbul sold 14,424 houses to foreign buyers in the time mentioned earlier, while Antalya supplied 6,53 units. Together, the two states accounted for 65.2% of all real estate transactions in Turkey. 

Istanbul accounted for 61,734 of the 154,871 residences sold to foreign buyers in Turkey, or 39.8% of the total. Antalya came in second with 32,061, Bursa came in third with 8904, Yalova came in at 6813, Ankara came in at 7856, and Sakarya came in at 4769.


In part, Istanbul is a preferred location for investors because it serves as Turkey’s commercial and tourism hub. It is the first international tourist and investment destination. It is also regarded as one of the most populated cities in Europe.

The Turkish government has shown an increasing interest in infrastructure development, putting into action the most significant projects like the latest Istanbul Airport and the Canal of Istanbul, which is currently under construction, as well as numerous enormous medical, educational, and economic projects, all of which have helped Istanbul become one of the most significant real estate investment destinations in the world.

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