If Smartphone: Why Not Smart Home?

We all own smartphones than why we don’t opt for smart homes? We use smartphones because we consider them the latest. We consider them as our needs. If we don’t use them, we feel that we are living an outdated life. When our home is not smart then it is also considered an outdated one because it is not securing the members of the family. Home is a shelter to all of us and we need security from our home. Now, what does it mean? Since technology has made every life easier, where one can communicate faster and connect to friends and family in much shortest span. And also, one can travel within hours either by air or sea journey and reach another corner of the world. The distances have become short, and technology has connected humans. It is absurd if one doesn’t feel comfortable in his/her own house. If you feel a constant fear of burglary, thief, or unknown entry of anybody at your doorstep then you can approach the smart home technology that has been introduced?

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What is a smart home?

Smart homes are an interconnected device that comes under one network and allows communicating. Through a connected device smart homes usually use automation technology to manage and control household functions effectively. With a smart home-connected device, one can perform multiple tasks easily without taking a charge of manual control. It includes arming your security systems, turning lights on and off, locking your door without giving much pain to your foot. One can perform tasks like these in real-time using sensory data, pre-set schedules, and prompts from the device.

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What is a smart device?

Before we start discussing what a smart home ecosystem is, what is most mandatory is to know what a smart device and home automation system are and what makes any device smart or unique?

A smart device is also known as an electronic device that can be connected to other gadgets either computer, mobile, or tablet through a wireless area network with the help of Bluetooth or WIFI for that matter. To categorized if a device is smart or not; these are a few of the things you need to know.

  1. It must be connected to a network.
  2. It must have the ability to communicate with other devices without using any wires.
  3. It must be configured to perform other anonymous tasks like switching lights on and off or locking and unlocking doors.
  4. Some of the devices include in smart home devices are
  • Indoor-outdoor cameras
  • Locks
  • Smartphone controls
  • Lights
  • Thermostats
  • 24/7 monitoring
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Advantages of smart home

Even though one can control over his entire how the home operates. Smart homes have other several advantages to ponder on in comparison with traditional old-styled homes.

1. Safety:

Everything comes second when it’s about the safety of your house. A burglary occurs and not just gives financial loss, but could also be a reason of long-term effect on the mind. The incidents usually become a reason for permanent fear and insecurity related to the house. When one doesn’t feel safe at his own house, it becomes tiresome. With smart home equipment such as smart locks and remote access to alarms, your fears and insecurities can turn into permanent peace and satisfaction. Your visibility increases and the notifications for whosoever is coming and going out of your home. It becomes a permanent relief from constant worry.

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2. Convenience:

In a world that is moving faster than the blink of an eye, everybody looks for convenience. Technology has the biggest advantage in the 21st century is to provide convenience. Now traveling and communication is not a hurdle. It has made life much more convenient. Then why not adopt a convenient lifestyle. Imagine you are having the convenience to control your entire home. Just with the help of one app or device users can perform multiple tasks through smart home devices that would not have been possible another way around. Now, imagine having easy trouble-free home management just one click away.

3. Remote control technology

Mentioning benefits of installing smart home devices major functions of home can be performed and control from a distance with one click. Whatever one consuming either, computer, or tablet remote controls makes it easier to control all home functions with one click or tap. You can 100 percent open locks, receive sensor activity alerts, stream video surveillance, and keep a check on so much more things

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4. Energy saving

The home space can save more energy consumption when you use a smart automation system because if the user uses smart devices it saves money or extra dollars that are wasted on utility bills. Usually, the thermostat provides complete resistance to temperature. Some suggest that perfect energy-saving setups are based on your schedule and temperature preferences. One can completely program or set a specific feature where the lights will automatically switch on and off whenever someone enters or leaves a room/house.

5. Peace of mind

Consumers usually update/install automation just for their peace of mind. Thanks to smart technologies myriad advancements. Homeowners can check in on their property while they are anywhere. A new mom and dad can check on their newborn and toddlers if they are away and they are with made. Even a family who is on a long vacation can check and keep an eye on the home and monitor thoroughly.

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Automation and advancements of the internet have played a major role in the security of homes in the past 10 years. Smart lights, smart locks, and video surveillance-like technologies have become very common in homes now. Users are provided with increased securities and with more convenient lifestyle. Convenience seemingly has become one of the major reasons for adopting smart homes devices. The home automation benefits are clear. A well-connected home is a smart home when it is integrated with the ecosystem. There are different smart home devices available in the market today. Many companies offer the best rate in home automation with multiple devices as mentioned above. Check smiththompson.com for further instructions.

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