10 Ways to Tell if Your Furniture Is Made Out of Solid Hardwood

Furniture from solid hardwood is not losing popularity. Moreover, it seems to us that he is returning to the big door. Although today there are many materials that are durable and high quality, nothing can compare to this natural material. Wooden furniture has a natural and comfortable look and makes every house a home.

Whether you are furnishing a new living space or remodeling an old one, buying new furniture can be very stressful if you have not prepared for it in time. In other words, in order to buy quality furniture without too many complications, it is important to think in advance about what exactly you want and how much money you are willing to spend on a new purchase.

By buying solid wood furniture you can be sure that you will have furniture for a lifetime and that if you ever change it, it is because you wanted to bring some novelty into your home, not because it is worn out. High-quality wooden furniture can survive any person: a minimum lifespan of 50 years. What are the characteristics that characterize solid wood furniture, how to recognize it at first sight?

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1. It’s heavy

You have probably noticed that furniture made of plywood or some other material is much lighter than furniture made of wood. It is also characterized by durability because it has excellent strength. In addition, wood is able to withstand significant mechanical stress and shocks. Therefore, the furniture is used for a very long time and is not deformed by mechanical influences.

2. Maintenance

Unlike some other types of furniture, oak furniture does not require special care, nor does it require much effort around cleaning and maintenance. If it is located within the outdoor terrace and is exposed to sun and rain, all you need to do is repaint it once a year to preserve its condition.

If the furniture is part of the interior and is located inside your house or apartment, there will be no need for painting, and maintenance will be very simple because wood as a material repels dust and is very simple.

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3. Elegance

Solid wood furniture exudes elegance. Why? Because this natural material is very grateful for the processing.

4. The pleasant feeling of warmth

No other material will make you feel warm like wood. That feeling that your home is the most comfortable place there is in the world. That place where you feel safe and carefree. Imagine a wooden bed. And now imagine the same one made of plywood? Can you see the difference?

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5. Eco friendly

This item is becoming more and more important because people’s conscience about nature is awakening every day. So, solid wood furniture not only gives pleasure to you and your family but is also environmentally friendly. You enjoy, and you also preserve nature, is there anything better than that?

6. Visual appeal and presentation

This is where the process of choosing wooden furniture begins. Excellent and non-trivial equipment, original decorative accessories (inserted or carved handmade) attract the attention of consumers, and the process of choosing objects in one or another environment is always interesting and unique.

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7. Moisture resistance

Wooden furniture is resistant to moisture, so you do not have to worry about damage if the room feels damp. It also cannot rot because it is coated with a protective varnish.

8. Price reveals quality

Solid wood is a natural material that is healthy and has a pleasant effect on our mood. Solid wood is also one of the most commonly used materials for furniture. Glued laminated wood, which is somewhat more resistant, or natural solid wood can be used to make the furniture. The only, somewhat negative feature of wood is that it is a slightly more expensive material compared to others, which are also used to make furniture. Learn more about good-quality furniture on

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9. A few words about other materials for making furniture

Wood and wood products, such as refined plywood, are no longer the only materials for making custom furniture. Modern custom-made furniture has components made of leather, textiles, metal, glass, and even concrete … The increased use of artificial materials, such as plastic and all its forms, is also noticeable.

Plywood is most often used, and the reason for this is the affordable price, but if we talk about quality, wood is the highest quality material for making furniture. Of the other materials, glass is often used, which is among the most appreciative for reflection, and very popular are kitchens that have glass fronts lined with thin aluminum fittings.

10. How many types of wood are used for furniture production?

Different types of wood, depending on the latest trends, are constantly coming and going out of fashion. In order to choose the perfect wood material just for your home, it is good to take a closer look at the specifics of different types of wood. Although there are 354 species of high-quality wood materials, several species have stood out as the most popular, and these are oak, ash, birch, beech, maple, pine, cherry, and walnut. Each of these types of wood chips has different characteristics such as color, weight, resistance to moisture, but they also have many common ones, the most important of which is durability and easy processing. When choosing wooden furniture for the interior, it is good to know how to choose specimens for the finishing of which ecological materials that are not harmful to health have been used. This treatment involves the use of materials that do not release harmful formaldehyde, resin, and other toxic ingredients, and in addition allow recycling and biodegradability.


Final thoughts

By buying cheap and worn-out furniture, you will find yourself in a situation where the same will change you again very quickly, and the price of the new one will certainly exceed the quality one we were able to take. Wood is a material that goes well with all other materials in the interior. In modern interiors, wood will be easily combined with glossy lacquered MDF, glass, and concrete, while in a rustic style of the decoration will leave the most effective impression in combination with rough-hewn stone.

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