Can You Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card Online – 2024 Guide


As of 2024, 21 states have accepted cannabis use for recreational purposes. Now that the states are legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes, people wonder what’s the purpose of investing in MMJ cards (licenses for using cannabis for medical purposes).

MMJ (medical marijuana) cards are important for regular consumers, especially those using weed to treat different ailments. It doesn’t just protect you from legal issues, but having it renewed as and when required helps you get marijuana in your desired quantity, at an affordable cost, and without facing age limitations. The renewal isn’t complicated, especially after the authorities have allowed online renewal.

By the end of this post, you will know the easiest way to renew your MMJ at home. Keep reading.

When Does the Medical Marijuana Card Expire?


The MMJ card remains valid for 12 months from the date it’s issued, but that’s changed this year. The Arizona Department of Health Services introduced amendments to the validity of these medical cards. Once it’s issued, it will be considered valid for 24 months. However, the cardholders are supposed to apply for the renewal as early as 3 months before expiration.

Medical users of cannabis must keep this card renewed if they want continuous and authorized access to marijuana. If the card expires, you will lose all the perks, like affordable prices, access to medical marijuana shops, and highly potent marijuana products.

How to Renew your MMJ Cards in Oklahoma?

For Oklahoma medical marijuana card renewal online, you need to gather your state ID card, medical documents, and doctor’s signature on the renewal form. Let’s check out the steps for completing the renewal quickly.

Gather Necessary Documents

You need to upload your passport-size photo, house address, and government-issued ID proof for the card renewal. If you have the written prescription that verifies you as a legal candidate for cannabis use, use that. Or, you can get a prescription from a medical marijuana specialist when applying for card renewal.

Book an Appointment

A virtual appointment with a licensed medical practitioner is available for patients seeking a medical marijuana card. The website renewing your license will schedule a meeting with a certified practitioner. Keep all documents handy.

Check the Pricing Plan

The renewal fee varies depending on the website you choose to complete the MMJ renewal process. Check out their pricing plans or talk to their representatives to discuss the fee. When applying for renewal in Oklahoma, you will be asked to show the physician’s prescription with their signature.

Get Your Digital and Printed MMJ Card

Once you have submitted the application for renewal, the card will be issued within a week. Sometimes, it takes as little as an hour for the authorities to verify your information. The renewed card will be applicable once your existing MMJ card expires, and the information will be updated in the state’s portal accordingly. You can also have the digital card printed.

Complete the MMJ Card Renewal Process Online


As mentioned above, your MMJ card expires every 2 years. You should send the renewal application at least a month before that. Although the process takes only a couple of days, sometimes it may take longer.

Remember, your MMJ card can be renewed only when you qualify for marijuana use for medical purposes. There’s nothing to worry about, though. You won’t be charged a single penny if you don’t qualify for an MMJ card. Once you get the green light from a certified physician, you can continue the registration process at OMMA. It’s an official website for marijuana card services in Oklahoma.

Perks of Getting Your MMJ Card Renewed

MMJ card renewal offers several perks. To enjoy the ultimate benefits of this card, make sure it’s valid and renewed regularly. Let’s check out a few perks of the MMJ card.

Save on Taxes

As marijuana is legalized in most states, the government has raised taxes for those using cannabis for recreational purposes. However, you can save a lot on taxes if you use marijuana for medicinal requirements and with a valid MMJ card. If you are a regular user of cannabis products, you can save considerably in taxes.

No Restriction on the Quantity

Recreational users can buy only a small volume of marijuana, but cardholders are allowed to buy more. The amount of cannabis you can store at home is limited for recreational users, but those approved for the medicinal use of weed have fewer restrictions regarding marijuana cultivation and possession.

Available for 18 and Below Consumers

The legal age for marijuana use for recreational purposes is 21. You can’t possess, cultivate, or use marijuana in any way if you are below this age. Fortunately, the medical use of cannabis is allowed for younger patients (18 years and below), given that they have a valid medical marijuana card, and it’s renewed from time to time. If you are taking cannabis as part of your medical treatment for epilepsy or other diseases, get your MMJ issued right away.

Shop at Medical Dispensaries


Some states that have completely banned marijuana for recreational uses have medical dispensaries that keep weed and weed-based products for medicinal use. These dispensaries are accessible to those with an MMJ card. This card gives you easy access to medical dispensaries offering marijuana across the state.

Marijuana with Higher THC and CBD Levels

Your state’s authority sets a restriction concerning the THC and CBD levels in marijuana for recreational use. The shops selling marijuana must abide by these restrictions. However, MMJ card holders can purchase cannabis with higher potency if their condition requires it.

Bottom Line

The Oklahoma authorities allowed online medical marijuana card issuing and renewal services after the pandemic. You can check out the website offering MMJ card renewal services, book an appointment, pay the required fee, and have your card renewed at the earliest.

Renew this card every 2 years to avoid facing legal issues for marijuana use. Check with your state’s authority to learn more about the legal requirements for the medicinal use of marijuana. Make sure you get a physical card issued, as well.

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